Friday, February 18, 2011

Trunk Shows, Manicures and Other Things

If you are a fan of SharonG's painted canvases, you'll want to mark your calendars as AP Needle Arts/Thistle Needleworks is having a SharonG trunk show from February 19-March 5.  Things are 20% off.  Have a nice browse here--

I've updated yesterday's posting with a photo of Luna's face and manicure since I finished stitching her fingers.  I am adding the photo here, too, in case you don't have time to go back to yesterday's posting.  I can still see the white highlight on her lip (the Frosty Rays didn't cover 100%) so I will play around with outlining the lips with a ply of matching red silk to see if that looks better.  I see a missing stitch near her left hand on the gown as well.  After those cosmetic fixes, it will be time to test drive stitches for the inner lining of her cloak.  I have several in mind and threads to use for them but it will take some audition stitching to know what will actually work.  Stay tuned.

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