Saturday, June 1, 2019

Woodstock for Christmas Guitar

Now that the bird and his stocking cap are finished, I worked my way down the Woodstock Christmas Logo design to the guitar head and neck.    I wanted a stitch that runs horizontally to echo the guitar shape, and that would be harmonious with the background stitch, also a horizontal stitch.  After a bit of tinkering, I found a stitch I thought would work on Mary Legallet's blog.  She calls it Trifecta Columns.

The back row are all whispering to each other that this is a VERTICAL stitch.  So true, children, but turn the diagram a quarter turn and what do you get?  The perfect stitch!

Mary Legallet's a Genius!

I worked it using Gloriana's Lorikeet wool and Silk Lame Braid in a similar chocolate brown.

Guitar, Wool Only

In the photo above you only see the first step, the long stitches done in wool.  I wanted you to get an idea of the stitch flow which will be harder to see in the photo below after I add the silk/metallic Silk Lame Braid because the colors are similar.

Here it is with step two.

Guitar Head and Neck

You'll notice I snuck in the bird's beak, eyes and leg and claws.  Surprise!

I did the beak and eyes before the guitar but I couldn't work the leg and claws until after the guitar itself was stitched.  The beak is straight stitches in one ply of cotton floss.  The leg is a matching shade of DMC's memory wire, couched down.  (It doesn't look as wonky in person, promise.)  The claws are three bullions in the same yellow floss.  I gave the bird bead eyes, just because.

Next time we'll talk tuning pegs, which nearly drove me to distraction.  Small areas are not necessarily easy, after all.  Stay tuned.

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