Saturday, June 18, 2016

Favorites from TNNA's June 2016 Show

Otto Agular's "3 Ladies with Wildflowers"
Once again I've collected my personal favorites from the June 2016 TNNA show. There are a range of designs, some from new designers, some from well-known names. But all of them caught my eye for one reason or another.  

Above is a new Otto Agular from Purple Palm Designs.  This is called "Three Ladies with Wildflowers."  I think it is a lovely mix of colors and shapes.  Easy to stitch?  Probably not but I adore the facial expressions.  You can make up endless stories about what these three are thinking and feeling.

Barbar Tourtilloutte/HSN Designs

Hingham Square Needlepoint is developing a line of canvases under the HSN Designs name.  My favorite so far  is this adaptation of Barbara Tourtilloutte's artwork.  I call him Moose-y Christmas in my own mind.  The framework of the beech trees and the top and bottom borders are wonderful as is the sweet subject matter.

dede's Celestial Wizard

Fleur de Paris posted the front and back of dede Odgen's "Celestial Wizard" on Facebook.  Definitely my favorite double-sided canvas!  Ok, so it's the only double-sided canvas I noticed that's new but I do like the wizard and his companion owl a lot.

Colors of Praise

Another favorite is this new Colors of Praise canvas of a sunbather and a turtle. How wonderful is that?!  I love stitching people and love the tropical feel of this encounter of two sunbathers.

Sascalia's "Snowy Foxes"

I also adore this "Snowy Foxes" canvas from Sascalia which has a light feel, much different than the usual snowy scenes.  The pastel colors and the fresh greens and golds make this a late spring snowstorm kind of piece, which is very unusual.  I like unusual!  The artwork is distributed by Golden Needlepoint.

Mary Lake-Thompson's Nutcracker Ornament

I don't usually like nutcracker pieces as I find those teeth creepy, but I really like Mary Lake-Thompson's new nutcracker ornament.   I like the rounded shapes and the expression on his little face.  This is part of a series of small ornaments that would make a spectacular display.

Cleo'a Mummy is 31 inches tall!

I'm always a sucker for canvases with themes taken from Ancient Egypt.  This tall beauty is from Labors of Love and would be great fun to stitch.  I'd buy a ornament of just her head, not having a place for such a large piece here.  (hint hint)

Squid and Whale (Charley Harper)

I am not really a fan of Charley Harper designs, although they are extremely well done and often quite funny, but this fight between a squid and a whale caught my eye, probably because I am a big fan of squid, octopi and cuttlefish.

And there you have it--the new canvases I would buy if I had endless funds and endless time to stitch them.  Which one do you think I actually bought?

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