Monday, January 24, 2011

Odds and Ends

Need some cheap scissors for teaching kids to stitch or for that trip you are planning?  Check out the new items on the Needlepoint Tool Time site.

Are you puzzled by how to use overdyed threads?  Janet Perry mentions a XS site article with basic tips on the ways to use overdyes.

Wondering if your shop is going to be able to get in the colors of Paternayan wool you need?  Needle in a Haystack updates us on the situation.

The great English needlepointer Anna Pearson has posted an article about the differences between continental, half cross and basketweave on her blog.  If you ever wondered why basketweave was harder wearing, this article is for you.

Just want to look at eye candy?  Are you interested in Halloween?

Do you prefer Christmas?

Are you a fan of Laurel Burch's art?

Or do all things kimono set your heart pounding?

I hope you find something in all the links above that interests you.

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Kelly's Tassel Club

If you were paying attention yesterday, Kelly Clark posted a comment on Blog about her new tassel club.  Remember the pear club that lots of shops offered last year?  This year Kelly's doing another club.  The painted canvases are on her website but not the finished photos. More canvases are on the next page so don't forget to push Next.

Ruth Schmuff has a photo of the finished models on her shop blog.  You can see the back side of one tassel in the photo and there's a note that the club itself will start next June.

In her comment, Kelly promised her website would be updated soon with photos of the tassels and offered to send me photos to post here.  I can't wait to see more!

Written by Jane/Chilly Hollow Blogging at Archived Yahoo 360 postings at