Saturday, June 4, 2011

Your Assistance Will Be Appreciated

Needlepoint Tool Time just had a wonderful retreat so they are planning to do this again in 2012 in San Francisco.  There is a link on their home page about next year's fun.  Please note that Tisha is planning to collect retreat information for all over to post on her website.  If you know about an upcoming retreat, why don't you let her know so she can include it?  Her email address is NeedlepointToolTime at msn dot com.

Quilters in Joplin, Missouri also need your help.  SuDu has information and a link if you are a quilter who can help out.

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Susan Has a Point

I love reading Susan's Plays With Needles blog.  She is always doing something interesting, even if it usually isn't needlepoint.  But this time she's written something that I occasionally consider myself. Why the heck am I needlepointing to the point of obsession?

It certainly isn't something most folks understand or appreciate.  It's not going to pay the bills.  But it is something I couldn't give up any more than I could stop having brown eyes or drinking coffee in the mornings.

Do you think maybe God likes stitching enough that He makes a few stitchers each year?  Just for fun?  And we are the lucky few?

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