Sunday, July 19, 2020

Gayla Elliott Fan Alert UPDATED

I really like Gayla Elliott's designs.  You may not recognize her name but I bet you recognize her Stitching Girl series.  Here's one of the latest—Halloween Girl.

Gayla often designs in series.  Her Queens series was quite fun.  I keep eyeing her Cleopatria from this series.

She has a new series that I think will be as popular as the Stitching Girls series.  It's called either Fairy Tales or Happy Stitching but both are overhead views of the legs and feet of someone.  There is a Cinderella,

a Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz,

a mermaid,

a lady in jeans,

or a lady having a picnic.

All are on 18 count but the fairy tale ones are slightly smaller than the Happy Stitching ones.

UPDATE:  There's a new Happy Stitching for New Year's, featuring a girl in a party dress.  I think there's a mask laying next to her if you like subtle nods to current events in your stitching.

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