Sunday, January 21, 2018

The Kreinik Emergency

Barbara Elmore's Fuchsia

My last project was Barbara Elmore's "Fuchsia," published by Sundance.  Isn't it pretty?!

Notice that the border is three gold stitches wide.  I decided to tent stitch it with Kreinik's size 16 braid in Kreinik's classic gold 002.  I had two spools of the size 16 braid and surely that would be enough, right?

[Everyone starts laughing, and with good reason.]

Sadly one of the spools wasn't totally full and I ran out of Kreinik size 16 braid when there was only about 6 inches of border to go.  What to do?!  I had a lot of Kreinik's size 8 braid in 002 gold so I decided I would use a doubled length of that to finish the border's basketweave.  The color is exactly the same and the size is exactly half of size 16 braid so I thought it might work.  After all, I cannot get Kreinik metallics locally and mail order was going to take nearly a week because of the Thanksgiving holiday.

Size 8 Doubled on Top, Size 16 Below

Sadly, the light reflection on the metallic thread is different.  If you look at the closeup of the gold border you will see the size 8 braid above the empty line of basketweave (pretty level with the top of the magnet) and the size 16 braid below the empty line.  In person the color change is not quite as obvious as in the photo but anyone looking closely will know that the gold isn't quite the same.

Gold Hiding under Lots of Beads

Fortunately for me, I had always planned to scatter beads at random on top of the gold border, thus hiding the slight difference in how the size 8 and size 16 reflect the light.  So I managed, but if you cannot distract the eye in your canvas, take the time to mail order more of the size of Kreinik you need.  You'll be glad you didn't fake it.

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