Monday, April 1, 2019

Needlepoint Trade Association (NTA) Spring 2019

I am no longer adding information to this tab.  Check the Destination Dallas 2019 tab for the very latest items for needlepointers.

The Needlepoint Trade Association's inaugural Spring 2019 show will be held March 29-April 1, 2019 in Orlando, Florida.  Here is the website.

Amy Bunger is starting to post photos to an album on her Facebook page of the NTA 2019 show items.

Pocket Full of Stitches has started posting things that caught their eye in Orlando on their blog.

Stitch by Stitch has posted new items from NTA on their blog.

BeStitched has a lot of new canvases on their website now.

Louise's Needlework has posted a photo album of new designs on their Facebook page.

The Needle Bug has posted new arrivals on their website.


A Dragons Tale has thirteen new cats and dogs on their beds in Deborah's new "Furbabies" series.

Meredith Collection has a new Charley Harper created original as a poster for a vet's office.

JCreation Needlepoint has some fun egg designs and a unique owl glasses case.

Need a unique needle minder?  Check out Hilda Belle Treasures.

Accoutrement Designs has two new pie and a dreidal magnet.

Mindy has new colorful abstracts, sized for one of the Lee boxes from Colonial Needle.

Jody Valentine has new traditional monogram Christmas ornaments.

Kate Dickerson has a cute new mini heart with bow and a new baby sleeping design.

Colonial Needle has five new DeElda beginner kits.

Blue Dogwood has a charmer—a celebration of the first steps on the moon.

Abigail Cecile has 8 new cute small designs.

Melissa Shirley just announced a slew of new Vicki Sawyer designs.

David McCaskill's new Candy Cane Santa ornament will be available in September.

Puffin has a darling new summer hat needle minder, for those who love big hats but can't wear them (Hat Hair).

Colour Complements is teaming up with counted designer Dragon Lady Designs and offering a limited number of kits with the threads and instructions.

Melissa Shirley has announced seven new Annie O'Brien Gonzales canvases, all tabletop florals.

Everyone needs an ant farm belt?  Am I right or what?  From A. Bradley.  LOL

JP Needlepoint has a new parrot canvas that is a Jimmy Buffet tribute.

Mindy's "Think Outside the Box" is brand new.

Lani has two new hat ladies, both very elegant.

Danji has three new hearts, all with red-white-blue designs.  The last one features stars and is my personal favorite.

Share One's Ideas has this awesome new Wise Men canvas, plus…

…this retro chicks with umbrellas, and…

…two fun fall/Halloween pieces.  I really like the crow and pumpkin.

This beautiful tulip poplar flower is new from Blue Ridge Stitchery.

More from Blue Ridge Stitchery.  Their website is the next link down.

Laura Wheeler has added to her "Doodles" line of small ornaments.

Melissa Shirley has two new holiday-themed cow skull and floral canvases from Mary Lake-Thompson.  I love the Christmas one!

Debbie Mumm has a Noah's Ark set now.

Maggie has a new Sharon Bloom floral.

Barbara's Needlepoint has some great Fourth of July star designs.  Use the right side arrow to see them all.  I think there are 13 photos in all.

There's a new designer in town—Blue Ridge Stitchery!  If you always wanted a flying pig canvas….

Debbie Munn has two new nutcracker designs.  Use the right side arrow to see the second.

Laura Perin has a neat new quilt/blackwork inspired design.  It's called Periwinkle Pinwheels and there is a pink version, too.

Tapestry Fair has added an elephant to their Tribal Mask series.

Pip and Roo has a new leather tube travel case for your needlepoint canvas.

Bedecked and Beadazzled now has the smaller size of the Stash and Store.

SJ Designs has a new chart book out, this time full of Art Nouveau designs including alphabets.

The Art Nouveau chart booklet is also available on Amazon and a Kindle version is in the works.

JP Needlepoint has a new patriotic design.

Annie Lane now offers a "pop in" option on some of her designs.  You can have your pet popped into the design.

Labors of Love has a new beach babe!

Melissa Shirley has updated her website with new spring/summer designs.

Edwardian Needle has a gorgeous new design available from Vicky Wittershein.  It's called "Victorian Gardens" and the kit is available from the shop (second link below).  Note that they are only open Wed.-Saturdays.

Fans of the 4th of July and counted pieces will be thrilled to hear Gay Ann Rogers plans a lot of holiday-themed designs in 2020.

Raymond Crawford has new animal pun canvases.  Check out Swan Song and Cow Hide.  LOL has updated their website with the very newest designs that have arrived.

Homestead shows off the new Halloween canvases for the little glass coffins.

Colour Complements has created a custom color ways thread kit for Lorene Salt's "Fleur de Lis" which was just published in Needlepoint Now magazine (March/April 2019 issue).  If you like lime green, teal blue and turquoise, you'll want to follow the links to the Etsy shop to pick up the threads.

SJ Designs has re-issued an updated and enlarged version of their Berlin woolwork chart books and…

…has a new chart booklet out on 1870 Victorian "oriental" rug designs.

Jody Valentine has a new series she calls "Ribbon Banners."

Viola shows off their new Yellow Polka Dot canvas, attached to a lemon yellow tote that they also sell.

New summer floral from JP Needlepoint.

Eye Candy is releasing some of their designs on 13 count as well as 18.

Point2Pointe's watch bands for the Apple watch are ready, sized to fit the watch sizes.  They come with the connectors and buckle needed.

Tapestry Fair has expanded their stock of accessories to include magnets (many based on their Manuel Salas Day of the Dead designs), scissors fobs (both magnetic or non-magnetic), scissor fob bracelets and magnet bracelets with matching scissor fobs.  They still carry metal bracelets you can decorate with your magnet collection, too.

Melissa Shirley has a new design—"Citrus and Pomegranates."

Maggie has a new Jan Speed design, taken from one of Jan's quilts.

Sew Much Fun has new beach drink singles to go with their Life's A Beach canvas.  Use the left side arrow to see the original.

New from JP Needlepoint - "Chicken of the Sea."  LOL

Pewter and Pine has announced a new series of blue and white geometric designs.  Here's the first.

The Sydney Opera House is the latest new travel piece from Sally Corey.

Lani has updated her website with some (but not all) of her new canvases for 2019.

New from Plum Stitchery.  Use the right side arrow to see a second page of new items.

Accoutrement Designs has new magnet designs.

Weeks Dye Works has four new colors of floss and two new perle cotton size 5 colors.

Melissa Shirley has a new dragonfly botanical.

Rainbow Gallery has four new colors of Capri 18.

Maggie shows off new collection from artist Jan Speed.

The Needle Bug has new exclusive monogram ornament canvases.

The newest Sally Corey big travel piece is Jerusalem.

A Poore Girl Paints shows off her wedding collection.

"Bobber Robber" is a new Charley Harper from the Meredith Collection.

New from JP Needlepoint—"Fantasy Peacock."

Ashley Dillon has a new "March" canvas for Susan Roberts.  It is called Bunny Band March.

Lani has a new series called "Deco Ladies."  There are five beauties.

Stitch Therapy's latest newsletter includes a lot of new designs from Nenah Stone and The Wellesley Needlepoint Collection, (including Annie Lane), Collection Designs (including Penny MacLeod), MAP and Shelly Tribbey.

"Heaven" is a new saying from 2Bit Ranch Designs.

Michelle London Price shows off the new designs she's doing for Danji.  Use the right side arrow to see everything.

The second of Sally Corey Designs' new travel theme canvases is NYC's Empire State Building.

A new sign from A Poore Girl Paints, for the person who cannot say no to a good cause.

New from Patricia Sone—"It's Five O'Clock Somewhere."

Laura Perin has a new chart—"Sweet Pea Collage."  If you love sweet peas or the pink/purple/mint green colors, this is a must buy.

Ruth Schmuff has five new canvases from Johanna Virtanen.  To see all her work, click on View All Products and then Click to Load.

Fleur de Paris has updated their website with new items from their designers.

New from Melissa Shirley — "Fruit and Shells"

Sally Corey Designs has a new piece, London Bridge.

"Sheeps Dream" is a very cute new baby announcement canvas from Alice Peterson.

Puffin has a new mini needle minder—a flower pot!

"Artist's Bouquet" is a new lovely floral from Jean Smith.

Accoutrement Designs shows off some fun magnets for World Whiskey Day.

New from JP Needlepoint— "Dog Gone Good Christmas."

Barbara's Needlepoint has two new Hopping Bunnies from Ann Hansen.  Use the right side arrow to see the other one.

StitchLaw has new, one of a kind, glass needle nannies.

New from Susan Roberts — shells on the beach.

NeedlePaint is introducing self-finishing needlepoint kits for wallets or luggage tags to go with a monogram canvas or something else small you design with them.

Oasis Needlepoint has added the art of Madeleine-Elizabeth Harrell to their line.

And More has a new series of 6x6 Christmas designs simple enough to embellish but have ready by the next holiday season.

Eye Candy is going to produce "Pattern Puzzle" in 13 count now.

New (and hilarious) from 2Bit Ranch Designs.

Renaissance Designs has a new series of feather bouquet canvases.

This beauty is new from Melissa Shirley.  It's called "Seaside Bench."

Mindy's latest is "Think Outside the Box."

The Needlework Retailer says DMC is adding new shades of gray, purple and turquoise to their size 5 and 8 perle cottons.

A. Bradley has a belt to scare you with.

A Stitch in Time has all their new canvases listed on their website now!

Colors of Praise shows off their new 12 inch patterned letters.

Pip and Roo's new "Tally Ho" canvas is perfect for the horse mad person in your life.

Juli Poitras has a new witch cake canvas from JP Needlepoint.  Hilarious!

Continuing today's cat theme, Deux Amis has a wonderful "Cat and Mouse" design.

Today must be Black Cat on Yellow Day!  Ruth Schmuff has this new Eleanor Grosch piece…

…and Barefoot Needlepoint Designs has this charming ornament.

StitchRock has new dreamcatcher designs available.

This hilarious coffee lover's canvas is new from A Poore Girl Paints.

Colors of Praise has updated their website with their newest designs.

Strictly Christmas has a new snowman Let It Snow piece from their artist Jennifer Lambien.

Sign of the Arrow has released their limited edition design for 2019.  It's a lovely Christmas bell, available as either a painted canvas kit or a chart kit.  Buy this beauty from the second link below.

Laura Perin has released her "Fleur-de-Lis" cyberclass as a chart.  If you like irises, you need this!

ThreadworX has added five new colors to its line of overdyed perle cottons.

Jolly Red has a new kit called Paradise Birds.  Note that the design is printed, comes with tapestry wool and is shipped from the UK.

A. Bradley's latest has Santa sneaking a treat!  So cute!

Two Sisters has updated their website with new tropical-themed designs.

New bunny parade (designer unknown).

Rebecca Wood has updated her website with the Orlando show items.

Stitch Rock Designs has a darling new alpaca ornament, ready for ribbons and beads!

A Dragon's Tale has the new Santa Monogram Alphabet.  Unique!

JP Needlepoint has two new smaller cactus designs.

A. Bradley Needle Arts has new travel canvases.

Raymond Crawford's newest is "Longhorn Bonnet."

The Golden Hinde in the UK has restocked their colored purls.

New from A Poore Girl Paints-

David McCaskill has added new designs to his website.  He's starting to do painted canvases although most items are line drawn right now.

JP Needlepoint has updated their website with their newest designs.

Alice Peterson has a new Texas wildflowers canvas.

New Christmas design from Pepperberry, only available at Wellesley Needlepoint.

Robbyn's Nest Designs has updated their website with the new designs.  Click on the two thumbnail photos on the home page.

Barbara's Needlepoint has new Santas (plus one Mrs. Santa) from Beth in the shop.

A Dragon's Tale has two new styles of Christmas monograms—candy cane letters and Santa letters.

Accoutrement Designs has ocean-themed and a Texas state magnets back in stock.

Terry Dryden now has wooden laying tools available in her Etsy shop to use while handing ribbons.

Barbara's Needlepoint has a new fabulous egg and rabbit piece from Ann Hansen.

Plum Stitchery has a new running rabbit from the Dana Gibson Collection.

Painted Pony has posted their new items from LoriLynn Simms on their Facebook page.  Use the right side arrow to see everything.

New from Thorn Alexander.  Use the right side arrow to see everything.

Painted Pony has uploaded nearly 40 photos of new items from Lori Seibert to their Facebook page.  Use the right side arrow to see everything.

Ruth Schmuff has a new owl design from David Galchutt.

New from Judy Keenan NeedleArts, a parrot…

…and a turtle under the may apples, which are coming up here, by the way.

New from Alice Peterson — "Denim Devas".

Kimberly Ann has added to the street sign collection with Thanksgiving-themed designs.

Painted Pony is updating their Facebook page with new designs.

Mag Friends shows off their newest magnets.

New from Mindy.

New from Melissa Shirley-but not on her website yet.

Needlepoint for Fun shows off several designs from Terry Runyan, a new designer distributed by Maggie.

Pocket Full of Stitches shows off the newest designs from Danji.

Raymond Crawford has started a new series of four Christmas stockings called "Santa's Flight."  Use the right side arrows to see them all.  They are travel themed.

Apparently yesterday was Unicorn Day (how did I miss THAT?!) so Accoutrement Designs has posted their unicorn themed magnets and fobs.  Unicorn canvas by Oasis.

Black Rose Needlepoint has a new design—"Sophie's Unicorn."  This comes on 13 mesh but it can be done on 18 count or 10 count for a child to stitch.

Rainbow Gallery shows off new colors for several of their popular thread lines.

Love You More has updated their website with their new spring designs.

Kreinik has three new pastel colors.

Sandra Gilmore has four new Christmas pieces available from Fleur de Paris.

Patti Mann has added Easter and Christmas designs to go with their metal swingset.

Sally Corey has new designs in her Medallion series.

Melissa Shirley Designs has updated their website with new items from all the artists that Melissa represents, plus her own work.

Colour Complements has restocked their overdyed Kreinik size 8 braid and has some new color combinations.  If you like overdyed Kreinik but ThreadworX doesn't have the colors you want, check with Lorraine.

CBK has updated their website with the new items from their designers.

Kimberly Ann has new canvases of dog silhouettes on a checkerboard background.  Here's a video.

Colors of Colonial Persian, the tapestry wool available from Colonial Needle.

MAK Needlepoint has a nice new tree of life piece.

Love You More is updating their Facebook page with new items.*F

Kurdy Biggs' "Egg-cellent Easter Eggs" chart is nearly ready.  There are three large and three small eggs in the chart instructions.  Use the right side arrow to see more.

Painted Pony posted a video of their display at the Orlando NTA market.  There is lots to see from a huge variety of artists that PP represents these days.

More new designs from Sisters and Company.

"Orchard Landscape" is new from Love You More.

Love You More also has two florals on black and white patterned backgrounds.

Kirk and Bradley posted a photo album of their newest designs on their Facebook page.

Models from Little Bird Designs' Orlando display are posted on Facebook.

Leigh Designs has updated their website with eight new ladies in fabulous hats. Five have stitch guides available. To see the models for those with guides, click on the unstitched canvas photo.

Victoria Whitson Needlepoint has added fabulous beaded necklaces called the VW Collection to their product line.  Each necklace has a loop to hang reading glasses, a thread cutter and a needle threader.  This expands her line of necklaces that only had the glasses loop and a thread cutter.

Stitch by Stitch Larchmont has posted several Renaissance Designs canvases.  If you go back further on their home page, you can see more items by other designers.

"Drama Llama" from Patti Mann.

What's the Point Needlepoint has a photo album of things spotted in Orlando on their FB page.

Homestead Needle Arts is posting photos to their FB page.

Barefoot Needlepoint has two new ornament sized mermaids and a pet paw print one.

Brenda Stofft deer in custom Deux Bijoux Bijoux frame. Lovely!

New from Point of It All Designs—self-finishing wedge shoes.

Blue Dogwood and River Silks are collaborating on this lovely lily of the valley sachet Kit to Go.  Your favorite shop can order from River Silks.

The Needle Works is posting new things that caught their eye at Market.

New bunny design from Mary Tussey.

Good Harbor Needlepoint is posting photos of items that caught their eye in Orlando.

Brenda Stofft has posted her latest items on her home page.

A Stitch in Time shows off a video of her canvas display at the trade show.  Great animal designs!

Kimberly Ann shows off a video of her canvas display at the trade show.  Very cute signs!

Waste Knot posted a few photos of new items on their Facebook page.

SJ Designs has three new books out on charted lace patterns from the 1500s.

Renaissance Designs has some lovely watercolor-like florals.

Here's the silk/merino wool blend from Planet Earth/Tilli Tomas.

Louise's Needlework has posted a few new items on their Facebook page.  You will have to hunt through shop postings, though.

Darling Christmas ornaments from Frances Jue of Sisters and Company.  Click on the right side arrow to see more.

Julia Snyder shows off her new folding ort box.

And More also has new inserts for the Planet Earth travel jewelry boxes and their long credit card cases.

New from Mindy, perfect for the Planet Earth boxes.

Rittenhouse is releasing Barbara Russell's "Cavalier King Charles Spaniel with Floral Background" under their Paint Needlepoint line. They own her works now.

BeStitched shows off new items on their website, mostly Tapestry Fair but more will be added shortly.

Bedecked and Beadazzled shows off the new Tall series from Zecca.

And More adds a new reindeer box canvas to go with their bunny box canvas.

Alice Peterson shows off new designs from Chalk Art Love.

Beth Gantz has new red finishing boxes and ornaments.

Melissa Prince has updated her website with new items, too.

Zecca has a new website!  The new designs are listed on it, too.

Associate Talents has ten darling small Day of the Dead sugar skull ornaments, perfect for your Halloween tree.

Kirk and Bradley has a new pillow design from its Chelsea Garden series''"Yorkshire Garden."

Pocket Full of Stitches shows off new things from A. Bradley, Chris Lewis Distributing, Kristine Kingston, Needle Deeva, Tango and Chocolate, and Waterweave.  I particularly like the ice cream sock and ornaments from A. Bradley.

VNG shows off new designs from Kim Leo.  VNG has all the new pieces up on their website (second link below).

Laura Perin has a new chart for Easter—"Ukrainian Eggs."

A sneak peak of new things from Vallerie Needlepoint Gallery.

New Christmas ornaments from Alice Peterson.  Use the right side arrow for closeups.

Jennifer Pudney has three new small kits.  They are in the top two rows.

Sandra Gilmore has a new spooky Halloween wreath.

New from Little Bird Designs.

New from Pewter and Pine.

Raymond Crawford is starting a new nutcracker series.

Alice Peterson has a lovely new Southwestern theme pattern in their Stitch and Zip series.

This Kate Dickerson ornament series that spells Stitch is a shop exclusive for Pocket Full of Stitches.

J. Malahy has this hilarious "Pajama Llama" ready to ship.  This is one of a series of llamas all dressed up and ready to charm you.  Use the right side arrow to see all four.

Eye Candy shows off her new designs and older ones now available on a different canvas count or in a different color scheme.

Brenda Stofft is doing scissor sheaths (stitch guide included) for Orlando.

New from Blakely Wilson at Ewe and Eye.

New fashion themed pieces from Alice Peterson.

Maggie has posted a sneak peak of new pieces on Facebook.

Labors of Love has posted a sneak peak of a Christmas elf design on Facebook.

The Meredith Collection has posted a sneak peak of new pieces on Facebook.

Kangaroo Paws has some new clever patterned rounds.

Sew Much Fun has posted new designs on Facebook.

"Sourpuss" is new from Pippin.

"Oy Vey"  is new from Mindy.

Pepperberry has updated their website with new items.  I love the Scottish and Welsh hearts.

Purple Palm now has needle minders, all one of a kind diachronic glass.

New from A. Bradley "But First Coffee."

Viola shows off their new flasks with various designs.

New cardinals design from Ewe & Eye.

Two Sisters claim their dad (Don Lynch of Associated Talents) shrunk the wash and that's why some of their popular striped background pieces are now available in 3 inch squares.

Melissa Prince shows off the "Flower Girls."  The dogs also come in separate smaller canvases.

Zecca shows off all the new Tall series.  There are five if I can count properly.  Use the right side arrow to see them all.

Patricia Sone shows off her "It's Five O'Clock Somewhere" clock design.

Strictly Christmas has a new artist, Ann Scott.

Pointe2Point is introducing Apple Watch bands in Orlando.

Tapestry Fair shows off a few of the new canvases for the NTA show.

More new Tapestry Fair items are on their website.

Annie Lane has a new "Stole My Heart" dog collection.

Gayla Elliott shows off six new designs (animals, mermaids, beach) from her line.

Melissa Shirley has 7 new wonderful Halloween designs from Mary Lake-Thompson.

New lotus type flower from Zecca.

There are three new Disney Princess inspired sock monkeys from J. Malahy.

New colors from ThreadworX in their Vineyard Silk overdyes.

Jean Smith has a new series called "Glorious Bouquet."

CBK has three new funny Christmas pieces from Starke Art.

There are six new colors of Straw Silk.

Maggie shows off eight new canvases from Terry Runyan.

Purple Palm shows off a new design from a new artist in their group, Tony Krysinski.

Fleur de Paris shows off Sandra Gilmore's four new small snowmen.  Use the right side arrow to see them all.

Zecca has a new series called "Talls."  Here is the first in the series.

Here is #2.

Hilarious new horse and birds canvas from Maggie.

Rachel Donley Needle Arts has three sneak peaks at outdoor places canvases.

More Rachel Donley sneak peaks.

Judy Keenan Needle Arts has a darling rabbit with daffodils.

"Let's Do Lunch" is new from Alice Peterson.

Whimsy and Grace is introducing Fancy Stitch Pumpkins (with a gusset) at Orlando.

The Collection Designs has six new Penny MacLeod canvases.

CBK has another new whimsical animal canvas from Will Bullas—

Associated Talents has four new adorable stocking tops ready for Market!

Melissa Shirley has four new "Vintage Easter Eggs."

New Christmas piece from Rebecca Wood.

Accouterment Designs shows off the various colors and styles of their beading/needle cases.

The Meredith Collection shows off a new dog floral, one of a set of five.

Melissa Prince has a new Detroit travel piece.

Two Sisters shows off a new box insert being stitched as a model.

Oasis Needlepoint is adding a new artist to their stable of creators - Madeline Elizabeth Needlepoint.

Labors of Love has added Count Dracula to their line of monsetrs.

JP Needlepoint has a new and very lovely peacock portrait.

New large wedding piece from Alice Peterson.

New fun dog piece from Pippin Studio.

New Frida Kahlo portrait from Annie O'Brien/Melissa Shirley.

Barbara Elmore/Sundance has a new artist.

Rittenhouse is starting to expand their line of painted canvases from small flowers and the designers whose lines they own.  This Mardi Gras jester mask is a good example.

A sneak peak from CBK—Will Bullas' "The Stripper."

Kate Dickerson's website has the latest designs in the slideshow on the home page.

New rose wine glasses from Alice Peterson.

There's a new pumpkin still life from Sandra Gilmore.

Renaissance Designs is adding to their "Woodland Christmas" group of animals with this charming sleeping fox.

Kangaroo Paw Designs celebrates Mardi Gras with these three new designs.

This Maren Devine " I Heart U" sketch is now a needlepoint canvas from Kate Dickerson.

Sally Corey Designs has another Krayola Kolors piece.

Here's a new Vicki Sawyer from Melissa Shirley.

Melissa Prince Designs has updated their website with new canvases.

New bear stocking from Pippin.

Kreinik just announced the Premax scissors they distribute now come in red handles.  You can get regular blades or the serrated for cutting metal threads.

"Springtime Bird" is the newest needle minder from Puffin and Company.

"Meow" and "Woof" are both new from Liora Manne at CBK.

JP Needlepoint has two new fanciful bird canvases.

Here's a sneak peek at "But First Coffee,"  new from A. Bradley.

Raymond Crawford is starting a new series with "I love Us."

This Twelve Tiny Teapots canvas is brand new from Pippin.  Available March 2019.  Love it!

Lee has two new colors in their self-finishing jewelry cases.

Accountrement Designs is introducing a limited edition sunflower magnet at the Nashville cross stitch market.

Another new design from JP Needlepoint—Eggs and Bacon!

New Jewish design from Raymond Crawford.

Susan Roberts has two new "parade" designs, one for fall harvest and one for winter.

Abigail Cecile has released 8 new designs.  They are the first 8 on her website.

Juli Portras just finished a new rooster for JP Needlepoint.

Colour Complements's spring collection of new thread colors are all soft pastels with an emphasis on lavender.

Zecca goes long!  LOL (available on either 13 or 18 count)

Sandra Gilmore has a new tiny snowman canvas.

Two Sisters has a darling toucan design coming out.

Rainbow Gallery shows off new colors of Petite Treasure Braid that are coming out.

"Chicken of the Sea" is new from JP Needlepoint.  LOL

Kathy at Needle Delights Originals shows off her newest charted designs.

Tapestry Fair has a lovely new bird design from Pat Scheurich Designs.

Needlework Retailer shows off the new colors in ThreadworX's overdyed Vineyard Silk.

Kelly Clark has six makeup-themed rounds to fit in the Lee self finishing mirrors, available from Colonial.

Kirk and Bradley has three new London-themed round ornaments.

The Needlework Retailer shows off the new colors of Rainbow Gallery's Glisten, which is merino wool with metallic mixed in.

Tapestry Fair has a new silly and fun design from Danny Elder.

Ruth Schmuff has two new designs from Eleanor Gosch—Coffee and…


Jody Valentine has a new sheep design for spring.

Mindy has a new design for the Planet Earth jewelry boxes.

Looks like the limited edition Labors of Love figure with china head and arms is a Regency era figure at the Prince's Pavilion in Brighton.

Here are the new colors in Rainbow Persian from Rainbow Gallery.

If you are a fan of rayon threads, you'll be thrilled to learn that EdMar has two new colors available in all their sizes and types of thread.

Fleur de Paris shows off designs from a new artist—Cyndi Lynch.

Strictly Christmas has a new Squatty Santa:  The Hippie Peace and Love Santa.

A Dragon's Tale has new Christmas ornaments.

New floral ornament from Abigail Cecile —and she stitched it, too.

Laura Perin has a new charmer of a quilt-inspired design, "Western Hearts."

One of the artists from Chris Lewis Distributing has a funny warning sign.

You can now buy painted bases for the Kelly Clark festive trees.  I don't see bases for the traditional Christmas ones, though.

JP Needlepoint has some cute new Hawaiian shirt designs.

Point2Pointe has new wooden display boxes in various sizes.

Melissa Shirley has updated the New section of her website.

Kate Dickerson shows off a dozen new designs from Kate Mason, Monika Forsberg, and Carolyn Gaven.

She's also updated her website.

Sally Corey has another "Krayola" themed canvas.

Two Sisters has new mini shift designs for Christmas!

A Dragon's Tale shows off the Santa Stuff ornaments.

The Meredith Collection's latest bling-y magnet is a mixing bowl!

Pepperberry has updated their website with new designs.

JP Needlepoint has a fun new barnyard scene.

New from Annie Lane for the Chinese Year of the Pig.

Painted Pony posted a video of their room at the TNNA market.

Melissa Shirley posted six photos of her booth at the TNNA market in Portland.

Enriched Stitch shows off new Melissa Prince designs.

And More has new small egg designs they call Stash Eggs.

Christmas tree designs from Robbyn's Nest.

New from Lani

There are new Explore America travel rounds from Kirk and Bradley.  Use the right side arrow to see them all.

Needlepoint Designs from Angela has a new, uniquely shaped, key fob.

New from JP Needlepoint—fleur de lis ornaments…

…and a new House on the Hill.

Eye Candy shows off new designs!

Melissa Shirley has three new dragonfly botanical designs, available either on black or cream backgrounds.[0]=68.ARD0KbrDXR51Jg65ZMCyQyDp4iMcivOhbWDUBqz9npzcHeWrXiIPZj4Yn0Rmrxf36L8fnwpLikp9nzZseJAE3U7AIT_K_0UruQOxglzYD6zCaduuEJWo1xkLtpxs4fePzVINagKsc1FzM8XXGp_-ZrX0TpACORl5Tl_gELNttwpdXpAJf6dIWYilb9rqVLcMUIIjxXhfFq6A9TKcFz_5S4HD02I1FFXohjVh3L2QQYFCQShEwa0LoD30vEIuZrLT3WYeQh1Bxpm0hjySKFnWF5PTdc5U6i7yWVxBDeI1dBNX4vMHTL0F_R6vA5fIpNn0XOuRXm4dzlnTiFWGWy2crCIz7o0LofmD3qRynw__hX1DmTOQ4VO7OrPK_Fz9_P7xZpbHnuRQswxdAA2yng6sM3I6V5BVcPjOtUiqjJC3jxRtnJEkVr-AVeJbsZF3f_uTKVIQD1ruYHLmeYk_i3s_eiqfgTDCvIcpYw&__tn__=K-R1.g

Stitch By Stitch is posting new sneak peaks in their latest shop e-newsletter.

Devon Nicholson Design has "The Real Story," all about the person who really makes Christmas happen!

Ehrman has new kits on their sale page.  There are some old favorites here, too, but some items are brand new.

Four new pink hearts from Mary Tussey.

New floral from Blue Dogwood.

Robbyn's Nest has three new designs shown on Facebook.  Use the right side arrow to see them all.

Robbyn's Nest has new hamsa designs as well.

Colour Complements has new overdyed colors of rayon rick rack for your trim needs.

Alice Peterson shows off three new designs from Chalk Art Love they will be distributing this spring.

And More has two new colors of size 15 beads.

Fleur de Paris is doing an open house at their showroom in California with several local designers and shops participating.  Here's what Pocket Full of Stitches saw there-

Foxwood Crossings has teamed with Threadnuts on three new counted canvaswork design kits complete with threads.

Melissa Shirley Designs just posted a new floral from Este MacLeod on Facebook.

"Old Hippies Rule" is the newest Raymond Crawford.

Sandra Gilmore has a new Lil Traveler mouse ready to charm you.

New housewarming designs from Kimberly Ann Needlepoint.

There are four French seasonal ladies from Michele Loudon Price to be available soon.

Here are new colors in Rainbow Gallery's Glisten

Rainbow Gallery has new colors of Angora, Persian, and Silk Lame Braid.

A. Bradley has new ice cream sundae designs.

Zecca has new pastel ornaments.

And Zecca has new "long friends" canvases.

New little girl ballerina design from Alice Peterson—

Vineyard Silks has a new thread called Vineyard Jewels.  It apparently is a partly metallic thread larger than size 8 but smaller than size 12 Kreinik.

Associated Talents has seven new hearts.  Use the side arrows to see them all.

New ocean themed canvases from Two Sisters—

Anne Fisher Needlepoint has a new floral backgammon board.

Mindy has something totally different—needlepoint socks!

Barbara's has a baby moose design now from Ann Hanson.  Use the side arrows to see more.

Alice Peterson also has two new wedding canvases.  Use the left side arrow to see #2.

Alice Peterson has a new roaring dinosaurs canvas perfect for the four year old in your life!

Strictly Christmas has a new Christmas trypich design.  The three part frame is from Deux Bijoux Bijoux, the Christmas tree is from Strictly Christmas, the lady is by Ann Scott Designs, and the man carrying presents is by Reuben McHugh.

ThreadworX shows of their Christmas-themed colors in cotton floss.

Melissa Shirley also has six new bird designs from Vicki Sawyer.

Melissa Shirley Designs has released a new John Johannsen piece, "Honey Bear."

Pepperberry has a bunny face to go with their bunny butt designs.

Alice Peterson has a new shopper's canvas.

Leigh Designs has released their Historic Crosses series to go with the Classic Cross series from several years back.

Hingham Square Needlepoint (HSN) has a new pineapple stencil piece with a space for a monogram.

Kangaroo Paw Designs has a new College Town series!

Two Sisters has a new shift for 2019—a coral one with the pineapple motif.

Kate Dickerson shows off the first of a series of twelve tropical/beach-themed flip flops.  This will be available January 2019.

Kangaroo Paws has a new series planned for 2019 but is releasing the California items now due to the fires.  A percentage of the sales will go to the American Red Cross.

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