Sunday, May 1, 2011

"I've Been Smote With A Handsome Stick"

Amy Bunger's monthly shop newsletter is online and ready for your reading pleasure.  There are tips for painting over something you don't need on your canvas and some interesting new products.  And of course you'll want to see who I quoted for the title of this entry....

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Thread Talk UPDATED

Because I'm a threadaholic of the worst kind, I love reading about new threads and new colors.  So here are some thread reviews and news from the Blog-o-sphere for my fellow thread lovers.  First, here are the new colors of Merino Wool.  I wish I knew the manufacturer of this line but I don't and Google failed me.  Anyone know?

UPDATE: Looks like the Merino Wool that Ridgewood was talking about is from Vineyards Silk.  Several manufacturers have a thread called Merino Wool and I wasn't sure which one it was.

Curious about the Chinese silk you see advertised on eBay?  Mary Corbet talks about the skeins she got with a kit from the Suzhou Embroidery people.

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