Friday, October 25, 2019

Melita's Tips

Melita picked up a Stitch and Zip eyeglasses kit to use as a travel project.  Instead of using the threads included in the kit, she choose threads from her stash and bought some Silk and Ivory to fill out colors she didn't have already.  She has a wonderful tip for minimizing pilling of Silk and Ivory.  She also recommends turning the design and stitching it from the original bottom down toward the original top so that the top edge looks good.

If you aren't familiar with Stitch and Zip kits, here are the current designs available from Alice Peterson.  They are 14 count printed designs that come with cotton floss for stitching.  There are five styles for each design, plus there are Christmas mini sock and ornament kits available.  There is no finishing, you just zip them up after stitching.  However, some folks go to the trouble of lining their coin purse or glasses cases, just to get a smooth inner surface.

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