Sunday, December 5, 2010

Snowflakes UPDATED

Yes, the snowflakes are now blue.

Somedays I just can't help myself when it comes to tinkering with Blog!

UPDATE:  I took the blue snowflakes down Monday but added them back until Tuesday afternoon (Dec. 7) so that Goldy could see them.  I am a bit worried about the javascript that powers the snowflakes causing problems for older computers but since Goldy was curious, they are back for a limited engagement.

If you have a blog run on Google's Blogger system, you can add snowflakes and falling leaves to your blog by using these easy instructions.

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The Dragon - Part Three (More Background)

Leigh Designs' Dragon
Morning, Sandy. Thanks for letting me know the dragon piece will be a pillow. Sounds like "framing" the dragon within a stitched border will work, but how do you like the idea? Do you want a pillow with a border like the SharonG ones I showed you?

Leigh Designs' O'jishi
These two photos are of a stitched faux bamboo border on a pillow to help you visualize stitched borders and see if that is what you'd like for your pillow.

Finishing by Marlene's
I specified a floss-type thread for the background so that we could get a lovely shine. Silk and Ivory won't do this as well. Are you sure you want to use Silk and Ivory or do you want to step out of your comfort zone? Do you think the pillow will get hard enough wear that floss won't work? Your choice....

By the way, I love that you have ideas already for this piece and that they are different than mine.  My job is to get you thinking about the design and to come up with your own ideas about what you think will look good.  It's a virtual collaboration but you are in the driver's seat.  I'm just the tour guide up front with the megaphone shouting "Over there you see a pillow with a stitched faux bamboo border.  Over here we have a pillow with a stitched metallic frame in black and gold."  Which you like best, if any, is up to you. 

Before you commit to a light cream color for the background, make sure that the colors of the dragon will stand out against it. I can't tell the colors of the dragon from the photos well enough to advise you. You will need to have at least a medium-colored dragon on the light cream background or the dragon will look washed out. I've used light spring green and light lavender together and had them disappear into each other when stitched, so this is important. My light green and pale lavender looked very different in the skein than they did stitched. What looks ok in the skein may not work when actually stitched, so if you have some light cream thread (doesn't matter if it is Silk and Ivory or not since you are just trying to get an idea of how well the colors play together), try stitching a little sample in basketweave using the cream and also using your main dragon color to see if the colors are distinct enough from each other. You'll have to step back from the stitched sample to know for sure. A pale cream with medium golds and browns should be ok, but you want to be certain before you commit to a background color since you are going to buy the threads.

Generally speaking, don't stitch a dark color next to another dark color or a light next to a light or you will get the disappearing effect. Even two medium colors together can be a problem, depending on the colors. You can get away with a lot if they are complimentary colors, though.  Here's a bit about which colors are complimentary if you aren't familiar with the concept.

We can go ahead and think about background stitches once you let me know whether you plan to do the background for sure in Silk and Ivory and if you want a stitched border. Those two choices will help narrow down backgrounds. One other thing, how big is the dragon's eye and how big is the tiny hole that the tail forms? You can tell me inches or NP canvas threads, whichever makes sense.  I'll tell you why I want to know next message.

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American Needlepoint Guild News

ANG has posted the final step on the 2010 Stitch of the Month project on their website.

There is also a page with the final product in various colors on their website.

If you are a member of the ANG Yahoo Groups site, you can see more versions underway in the Photo Section of the site. Here's the home page where you sign up to become a member of the group.

In other ANG news, the group has started selling instructions for peyote beading a small amulet bag.  When this topic appeared on the ANG email list, I didn't realize at first that this wasn't a class, and I still have questions.  Is this suitable for beginners?  Do the website instructions explain how to add the chain to make this a necklace?  Do you put your initials on the back side?  I don't have any of the answers to these questions but this is a good price for a project for those who know peyote beading already.

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Stocking Stuffers and Vacations

Lots of new things to talk about today, including the class Sundance is going to teach at TNNA in January.  If you are a shop owner, you might want to take "Do What You Love".

Stitchers' Treasures in Escondido, California is planning an all-day stitch in party to celebrate the holidays.  Wish Chilly Hollow was closer so I could go!

Need a stocking stuffer for that fellow stitcher on your Christmas list?  Ruth's got the perfect thing for you.

Laura's posted photographs of all the lovely canvas colors from Nature's Palette.  Luna is on one of their custom colors--a misty gray--but there are many more to choose from if you want to treat yourself to a lovely piece to stitch something special on. 

Susan's been traveling and has a review of Key West from a needlepointer's perspective.  For some of us, a trip to the Keys is the perfect holiday destination.

But if you are just staying at home, Susan has a window shopping experience just for stitchers like you.

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