Sunday, June 13, 2010

Columbus Photos and More UPDATED AGAIN

Ruth Schmuff isn't just a shop owner, she has a line of canvases which she has plastered all over her booth at the Columbus show.  She took photos for us to see on her blog.  The TNNA website says there are over 900 booths and 430 exhibitors.  Can you imagine being at a show that has 430 times this amount of needlework-related supplies?  I know a lot of it relates to knitting, but still...!

UPDATE:  Ruth has another blog post showing off the things she saw in other booths.  Canvas Candy has some darling Asian folks, don't they?  After I tracked down their website, I discovered that the photo Ruth took shows both the canvases and matching glass ornaments (see second link below).

Knowing how much there is to see, you can really sympathize with the dazed look in Peggy's eyes as she attends her first TNNA show for the Amy Bunger shop.  She isn't so shell-shocked that she forgot to show off some of the new DJ Design and Princess & Me canvases, though.  And there were some fascinating Canvas Candy canvases that come with their own glass ornaments (photo above) and Lani mask designs that are spectacular.  Not to mention a nice light/magnifer from Elizabeth Turner and four new Wild Women designs from Melissa Shirley.  Is that Coco Chanel I see?  And Mae West!!!?  Thanks, Peggy!

And if that wasn't enough, check out what Needle Works saw!  Do you like mermaids?  Then Leigh's Waterbabies will delight you as much as they do me.  Are you fascinated by the variety of nature?  Melissa Shirley's little jeweled beetles might be the perfect canvas for you.  If I wasn't annoyed by the Great Horned Owls who wake us up in the middle of the night, I'd be stitching an owl canvas for sure.  The variety of sizes and styles of canvases featuring this magnificent bird are incredible.  And of course the new Mindy pieces are astounding in their color and patterns.

UPDATE:  More from Needle Works

You know, it is a good thing we are not at Market with these shops. I'm pretty sure I'd be dying from Sensory Overload right now....

Jane, reveling in the Eye Candy here in Chilly Hollow

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