Monday, October 9, 2017

Breaking News: Needlepoint of La Jolla Internet Only

The owners of Needlepoint of La Jolla have announced on October 6 via Facebook that they have closed their brick and mortar store to retire to New Mexico. They plan to keep the Internet shop open, though, and will still be designing and doing finishing.

The shop website will apparently stay open during the changes.  You can read more there at the bottom of the home page.

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ANG 2017 Exhibit Winners

Folks are starting to post photographs on Facebook of the ribbon-winning pieces they exhibited at the 2017 ANG Seminar Exhibit which is going on right now.   This is Arlene Cohen's "Spanish Savonnerie," worked on 40 count silk gauze with one ply of DMC cotton floss from a chart by Natalia Frank. It won a President's Choice ribbon, a blue ribbon and a Judge's Choice ribbon.

This is an original design by Karen Garinger called "Lip Service."  It won a blue ribbon for original design.

Melita won two ribbons. This won an Honorable Mention but I am not sure in what category.

Melita's original Challenge piece won a third place in Independent Project Category, not too shabby given all the competition!  This is a Marilyn Owen design with Melita's selection of threads and beads and she says this will be in the upcoming ANG Chapter Project Book.  Thanks for the clarification!

Lynn won a blue ribbon and a First Time Exhibitor's ribbon.

Beth also won a blue ribbon.

Cynthia Thomas won a blue ribbon in the Professional without a Stitch Guide category for this Debbie Mumm/Melissa Shirley charmer.

Sue won a second place for this lovely Hollyhock House, counted design by Gay Ann Rogers.

Julius won a first for the Youth Division!  Hurrah!

Connie Glenn Camp won both a second place AND the Beth Robertson Award for her Raymond Crawford camel.

Kurdy Biggs won a second place and a Hilton Award for one of her original designs.

Vicky DeAngelis won two awards, the Small Masterpiece and Wearable Art Awards.

My favorite awards are these—The Lifetime Achievement Award went to David McCaskill and the People's Choice Award went to Philip Bush for his 50 Daisies/Flowers. Can't wait to see a photo of that!

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