Sunday, May 22, 2011

More Cat Topiary Garden Background Threads

Robin commented that hearing about possible background threads for the cat topiary garden was almost like a scavenger hunt!  LOL

So here are more possibilities I found in my stash, and the reasons I rejected them.  Remember, these are for the background trees which I plan to stitch in light coverage stitches so that the painted background will show.  I'm not looking for thread matches to all the paint colors, just a medium light value to cover all the trees.

Rainbow Gallery Grandeur (#5 silk perle) in color G870 - this is a perfect match to the Rainbow Gallery Splendor 870 which I am using myself.  However, it's a silk perle, and floss-type threads will allow more of the paint to show.  If you are working the 13 count version of this design and you have this in your stash, you might try it and see what you think.

Needlepaints colors 2101, 2102, 2103 and 2104 - This is a limited edition line of 100 percent Egyptian cotton floss from Marilyn Leavitt-Imblum of Lavender and Lace.  She dyed a range of purples and "robin's egg blues" for some of her designs and I picked up one of each as they became available.  Of the colors above, the lighest 2101 would work well in the background although if you were completely covering all the trees with stitches in different threads, several other colors would work.

Six Strand Sweets' "Spice Drop" is a little dark for what I plan but if you have this in your stash and don't mind your garden being slightly darker, then use this.

Likewise, Crescent Colours' "Caribbean Waters" is a little dark but if this is what you have, it'll work.  This is an overdyed thread with several shades of the same color, until Six Strand Sweet's floss which is one shade.

Needlepoint Inc's silk floss in the "Jade range 523."  This is slightly darker, grayer and greener than the Splendor silk floss I choose but it will work.

Silk 'N Colors silk floss in the very beautiful "Japanese Sea 306" which is bluer and darker than my Splendor. This is an overdyed thread in several subtle shades of the same color.  I think it is a tad too blue (most of the background is trees, not sky) but it is a gorgeous shade.

Caron's Soie Cristale silk floss in color 8092.  This is also darker and bluer than my Splendor.  It is very similar to the Silk 'N Colors but is a solid color, not tones of one color like Japanese Sea 306 is.

Needle Necessities' Empress Silks in C32.  This discontinued silk floss is lovely but a bit difficult to work with as it is flat silk.  The color is darker and bluer than my Splendor.  It will provide the best shine of any of the threads I've considered, however.

Needle Necessities' overdyed floss "Bali Hai 135."  This is a medium dark teal/dark gray-blue/light teal green mix, probably too dark for the top of the sky but if you want to change colors as the background darkens, it is a good choice, especially if you went with one of the DMC Variation overdyed cotton flosses for the lighter background at the top of the design.  This is a discontinued thread but you can substitute ThreadworX's "1053 Dreamscape."

I hope this gives everyone who plans to stitch along with me plenty of choices so that no one has to spend a lot of money on thread but can either pick up a fairly inexpensive and easily available DMC overdye or use something from their stash.

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Thread Candy Studio on the Way

ThreadworX has just announced their new Thread Candy Studio. I have been trading emails with ThreadworX’s Beth  Hendzlik, asking about the new project and what it means for us stitchers. Here’s the information to date on their website. Be sure to click on the More Details tab in the header line to see more.

What is Thread Candy Studio? Is it a magazine? (No, it is an ongoing book series. It comes out 6 times a year starting this June with more issues in the spring and around Christmas than during the summer to match when stitchers are most active.)  Beth says, “There may be two closer together at holiday season and a little farther apart in the spring, even though there will still be a specific amount within the year.”

Is it a website? Well, not yet, but there will be a full Thread Candy Studio website eventually. Bookmark the above to keep an eye on what develops.

Is it a stitch guide? Well, there often is a stitch guide or stitch diagrams included but that’s not all that it is. Thread Candy Studio’s actually a series of soft cover books targeted to consumers, but created with shops in mind too, so, they may use the books for customer projects. There’s no advertising in the books (unlike news stand magazines like Vogue which are full of ads), so the subscription pricing has to cover all the publishing costs.

Each book has things like patterns, stitch diagrams, ideas, tutorials and projects (both finishing and embellishing). There aren’t articles reporting on this or that, however. In other words, it doesn’t cover the NP world the way the magazines (or Blog) does. Also, it isn’t as closely targeted at needlepointers as ThreadworX’s previous publication 
Journal was. Thread Candy Studio wants to appeal to all sorts of stitchers, so the Thread Candy Studio books will have more than just needlepoint designs in them (like a presentation or finishing project to go with one of the stitched designs in the book)

Beth explained, “The book is geared to the consumer. It is very different than what is out there. It is a stitch diagram book, pattern book, idea book, project book combined. Imagine what would be spent if all the items were purchased individually. Our goal for Thread Candy Studio is to combine all sorts of information and product in full color to offer it at an economical price. It is also our goal to offer lots of info for new stitchers for all ages, people who do not have time to go to classes or a shop near them. We will have contributors from shops, teachers and designers. We've had lots of help and input and are so excited to offer this tool, especially since each book/issue will grow with the needs of the readers. We are going to stay very in tune to them".

$19.95 a book - regular binding*
$120.00 for a six book subscription to the ongoing series, plus an additional issue free - regular binding*

*Additional 5.00 to add spiral binding.

It sounds as if this is something stitchers will want to ask their shops to keep an eye on. I know from my interviews and private conversations with shop owners how much they want to offer programs to their customers to get them interested in stitching and keep them interested, so I hope this turns out to be a relatively inexpensive way for them to do so.  Once shop owners get the first issue and start using it, I hope some of them will review Thread Candy Studio on their websites.
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New Products UPDATED

I stumbled across mention of several new products this week.  First, Gingher has a new stitch ripper.  I'm not sure this is as useful for needlepointers as for seamstresses, but it looks very comfortable to use if you have a lot of "frog" stitching to do.*

Barbara Russell has written a book called Celebrating My Journey in Needlepoint.  I haven't seen it yet but there are a few details on her website and it sounds intriguing. Anyone seen this yet?

Another new book is by Little Shoppe Canvas Company.  This one is all about landscape stitches.  I haven't seen it either so I welcome reports from anyone who has here, too.

UPDATE:  Here's a review of the Landscape Stitches book.

Speaking of books, SharonG's new book is on sale here at a very good price.

(*Ripping out is often called frog stitching or frogging because frogs say "rippit!"   One of my pairs of scissors has a sterling silver frog charm on it which hopefully wards off the dreaded frog stitch!

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