Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Skin and Eyes UPDATED

Before we talk about faces some more, I thought I'd post some online resources to help you with that face that is driving you nuts. First up are thread colors and types of skin.

Here are some wonderful tips for stitching "speaking" eyes.

All these links are in my  "Tutorials and Tips" tab above but I've noticed most folks don't realize that is there so it bears repeating in the main part of Blog.

UPDATE: Jane G. reminded me of the Access Commodites skin tone kits.  They come in a clear plastic box with instructions on how to use them written by Tony Minieri.   Jane says each set comes with a wide variety of silks.You can see them on the Access Commodities website but you'll have to click on "Silk Thread Kits" and then on "Access Commodites Skin Tones" to see them.

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