Tuesday, August 21, 2012

More ANG Seminar News UPDATED

I have a bit more news about new things you'll see if you are going to ANG's Seminar in Philadelpha later this week. Terry Dryden's newest classes will be on display at the exhibit in the 2013 class model section.  ANG always shows off the classes for the next seminar at the current seminar.  It's a perk for attendees to see the new classes models in person.

If you are able to go to Merchandise Night, on 8/30, you can pick up some silk wrapped pearl purl from Nimble Needle's booth (which will have trunk shows there from Leigh, SharonG--who will be there in person--and Julie Mar and Friends).  Give Karen and SharonG hugs from me, ok?

I don't know for sure that Orna Willis will be at Merchandise Night, but she usually is.  She'll have wonderful things like these kits that come with a design in many many color selections.  I have to admit Orna's pieces look too loud in the photos for my style but wait'll you see them in person!  They are a totally different thing when you actually see them.  She's a genius with color!

On a slightly different topic, Celebration of Needlework will have a show at St. Charles in Missouri at the end of September.  Here are some details but the second link has much more.  This is a counted thread show mostly, so I hope you are able to go to broaden the things you offer in your shop.


UPDATE:  Here are Rittenhouse's hours during Seminar.

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Stitching at the County Fair

The Colorado Stitcher has gone to the county fair and come home with ribbons.  Congratulations!

I wrote about our county fair last year.  If you've never been to a small local fair, you should take a look at the photographs.   I entered and won my usual blue ribbon again this year, by the way.  It's pretty durn easy to win where no one else needlepoints in your county.  Sigh.  Still, I love seeing the bunnies and chickens and all the needleart.  This year the crocheted afghans made up the bulk of the needle arts entries but there were several cross stitched pictures and knitting, too.

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Diane just came back from a June McKnight class at The Needleworks in Birmingham, Michigan. The title is her review of the class. Want to read more and see some wonderful pictures?  Here's the place.

Here's the shop website.  Have fun browsing!

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The Engagement

Ruth Schmuff is doing a stitch guide and kit for an unusual engagement present--one of Eye Candy's new fairy tale canvases.  I love fairy tale-themed canvases but I never would have thought to use one as an engagement present.

Ruth got me thinking so I did a little searching for wedding and engagement canvases.  How about Studio Midwest's bride and groom toppers?  They would be perfect for a wedding shower and you could even use a photo of the set on the invitation.

This little wedding rings design from Raymond Crawford would be a perfect gift for the new couple, especially with an initial inside each ring.

Want to do a pillow for the new couple's apartment that isn't too cute?

One of Amy Bunger's Cookbook chapters is called Happily Ever After.  It's borders, and although I've not seen this series of stitch diagrams, I bet you could stack borders around the initials of the happy couple and create a lovely ring bearer's pillow.

Speaking of a ring bearer's pillow, I've recently seen Laura Perin's Celtic Knots stitched all in ecrus and creams.  The design was intended for a ring bearer's pillow, but when the bride and groom to be decided not to use a ring bearer pillow, the stitcher had this piece framed. It's gorgeous!

Laura herself has been thinking weddings.....

There's always the DIY ring bearer pillow.  You can get help for a custom design, too.

Or you can use this and change the names.

Then there is this, which will be perfect for the right couple.

And this.

Well, you get the idea.  I'll stop now before I get too silly!

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