Saturday, June 1, 2013

Forty Years and Counting

I just happened to see a Facebook announcement that Needle in a Haystack in Montrose, CA is having a 40th anniversay sale.  This is way too special not to share.  Happy birthday and here's to many many more years of service to the stitching world!

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Pocket Full of Stitches has the latest Painted Pony angels in stock now.  There are a huge variety of themes, something for everyone!

Facebook:  Maggie Co. has posted new bird designs on their Facebook page.  These are all birds with personalities from a new artist, Michelle Palmer.

Brenda E. Kocher Designs has a new chart entitled "Majors and Masters," in honor of her son.

Facebook:  Atlanta Needlepoint has posted photos of the new Mag Friends magnets they got from the trade show.

CBK Needlepoint has posted a page full of new designs on their new website.  CBK distributes twenty different designers, all with classic styles.

Pepperberry Designs has a website so you can see all the new things from this new designer.   Just click on "Gallery."

Sheena posted photographs of many new canvases from Ruth Schmuff and the designers she distributes  as well as new things from Zecca and Maggie on her blog.

Facebook:  Melissa Shirley Designs has posted photographs of the models in their trade show booth at the FB page.

Vicky DeAngelis has more photographs, this time of new Lani floral and dog designs. A classic African ladies with baskets of fruit piece also is available in a smaller size.

Facebook:  Park Avenue Needlepoint has posted photos of new designs from the show on their FB page.

Facebook:  Chaparral Needlework has posted photos of their new canvases on their FB page.  Some are new from Columbus and some are just new to the shop but it's a fun browse regardless.  There's a great longhorn standing behind cactus with Christmas ornaments hanging from his horns that I've never seen before.  Don't know the designer, sorry.  There's a similar stocking with Santa and the longhorn as well.

Facebook:  Fleur de Paris is posting albums of new designer canvases on their FB page.  You can see dede Odgen's cat faces, the new Machelle Sommerville tree and flower pieces, and see some of Trubey's latest flower and fairy tale designs.

Kreinik has a new three ply yarn called Twist that is a metallic meant to be used in knitting along with a second knitting yarn.  Wonder how long before it shows up on needlepoint canvases?

Pocket Full of Stitches shares photos of the newest Rebecca Wood goodies.  More fairy tale canvases, and many more Christmas pieces plus seasonal holiday train engines!  Click on a photo for better views.

Vicky DeAngelis has posted a few more photographs of trade show booth displays.  There is a darling
Associated Talents Santa sign, photographs of the wonderful threads on display from Painter's Threads and Planet Earth Fiber, a quick look at the Access Commodities display, and all the lovely colors of silk and matching silk ribbons from Treenway Silks.

Pocket Full of Stitches shares photos of the newest Princess and Me canvases.

Facebook: Timothy Lynch has posted more trade show booth photos on his FB page.  That spider gets around!  This time he's showing off new "squatty" Santas from Strictly Christmas, lovely DJ Designs pieces and a few models from Colors of Praise.

Facebook:  Associated Talents posted four new larger canvases on their FB page.  Three of the four are beach items (crabs, starfish or shells) on geometric backgrounds while one is just a geometric.  Lovely!

Associated Talents has updated their website with the new smaller canvases from Columbus.

Here's another market report from Vicky DeAngelis with new canvases from Pepperberry, Kirk and Bradley (formerly Kirk and Hamilton) and Labors of Love.

Fans of Maggie canvases and the matching frames from Lisa Krause will enjoy browsing the New section on the Deux Bijoux Bijoux website where you can see new frames with some of the newer Maggie canvases.

Facebook:  Timothy Lynch (the spider mascot from Associated Talents) is posting more TNNA show booth photos.  This shows new Halloween designs (evil pumpkins and a spider in a green top hat) from A Collection of Designs.

Timothy Lynch Inspects Little Shoppe cupcake
Timothy also posted a series of photos from Little Shoppe showing their dimensional cupcakes, cookies and fortune cookies.  This photo is priceless!  There are also photos of Renaissance Designs' snowman in a patchwork scarf and a box made up of Halloween panels.

Facebook:  Raymond Crawford Designs is posting a whole series of Christmas ornaments on their FB page.  A few are not Christmasy (a wedding ring for example, or a pair of red birds) but most are.

Rebecca Wood has added to her What's New section of her website.  Some of the designs there were new in January but many have been added for the June show.

Facebook:  Elizabeth Bradley Designs has posted their line of wool now comes in 363 colors in either 10 yard cards or 60 yard hanks.

Vicky DeAngelis has updated her blog with photos of the trade show floor, one of Meredith Willett, two new purse canvases (complete with hardware) from Sandra GilmoreNamaste's snap bags,  a dede seasonal sun canvas and a glimpse of the Needlepoint Now booth and the Fourth of July canvas from Susan Roberts/Ashley that will be a project for the magazine shortly.

Leigh Designs has updated their website with 8 new, smaller Caribe' canvases to go with the larger versions introduced at the Dallas trade show in April.  There are lots of stitch guides available. Click on the photos to see the models.

Pepita has also updated her website.  Expect some stunning fresh vegetable designs and some lovely Judaic themed canvases.

Julia's Needleworks has updated their website with many new canvases.  I think the first three pages are new for Columbus.  Expect large wreaths, Judaic canvases, stocking, bell ornaments, a Deco Lady, and many wonderful landscapes.  (There's a pretty scary werewolf on page three!)

Facebook:  Amy's Golden Strand has added photos of many lovely scissor fobs to the Columbus Market Day 2 photo album.

Facebook:  BeStitched Needlepoint has posted four photos of Barbara Elmore's Quadrant Flower canvases.

Facebook:  Janet Burnett has posted a few shots of the A Collection of Designs booth and the bat king canvas and some models of evil pumpkins to her FB page.

Facebook:  In Stitches has posted a photo of the two new sizes of Namaste project organizers and a lovely pillow from Caron.

Facebook:  Queen Anne Stitches Needlepoint has posted three Rebecca Wood canvases from Rebecca's Once Upon a Time fairy tale series:  the Sword and the Stone, the Princess and the Pea and of course Treasure Island.

Facebook:  What's the Point? Needlepoint has posted another photo album of goodies from the Columbus show.  Look for the photo album entitled More from the Market! to see Little Shoppe hearts, new angel and snowmen stockings from Pippin,  a Maggie snowman ornament balancing a snowflake on his carrot nose, lots of Kirk and Bradley star ornaments, a lovely autumn olive fan canvas also from K and B, an octagon full of shells and more florals from K and B.

Facebook:  Timothy Lynch has posted several photos of the key fobs, purses and boxer ornaments from the Elizabeth Turner Collection booth on FB.

Needlework Retailer shows off one of the new Julie Mar dog purse canvases.  You can see the whole set at the second link.  (There's a gray kitten lurking in a purse, too.)

Sandy Arthur (she of Shapes of Needlepoint fame) gives us one final look at the two canvases she taught at the TNNA Market classes for shops.  Hopefully your shop took one of these or can get the canvas and guide for you.

Katherine posts her favorite canvases so far.  What are yours?  What would you buy if you won the lottery tomorrow?

Facebook:  Cynthia Thomas shows off her Three Wise Men stocking that Elizabeth Turner Collection featured as a model in their TNNA booth.  Nice job!

Facebook:  Po's Point Needlepoint has posted a charming child's alligator and a very grown up pheasant canvas on their FB page.

Don't forget to check Amy's Golden Strand for more new items from Market.

Facebook:  Labors of Love has posted a photograph of their latest rabbit canvas, beautifully stitched by Laurie Walden.

Facebook:  Timothy Lynch continues his tour of booths at the trade show by visiting with the 3-D birds at Sew Much Fun.

Vicky DeAngelis has updated her blog with shots of the booths being set up and a few Sandra Gilmore and Raymond Crawford canvases.

Ruth Schmuff's shop website has new canvases from Hal Mayforth (robots, a hilarious Moby Dick piece, coffee, a dog and much more in his cartoonish and humorous style), a new fish magnet and a wonderful polar bear family from CBK.

Facebook:  Timothy Lynch the spider has posted models of some of Rebecca Wood's baby cake canvases, a display of red white and blue canvases from Kirk and Hamilton (now Kirk and Bradley), and the witch with cat I admired at the Peacock Alley Needlepoint FB page.

Timothy also posted a gorgeous floral vase pillow model from Lani.

And he posted a photo of some gorgeous models from Susan Roberts.

Facebook:  What's the Point? and What's the Point? Needlepoint have added new goodies to both their pages )the one with NP on the end is their new page).  What's the Point? has a wonderful colorful cow and calf with beads that I bet is from Sundance.  (But I could be wrong!)  The new FB page with NP on the end has a new photo album called More From the Market! that is full of goodies. That album has a lot of finished models to enjoy.

Facebook:  Raymond Crawford Designs has posted a few new canvases from Raymond's creative brain on their FB page.  There are four unusual floral rounds where you see the flowers from behind that also are available in larger canvases.

Facebook:  The Nimble Needle-Atlanta is adding photos one at a time to their FB account.  It's a fun browse  as they have Sandra Gilmore pieces and some from Labors of Love I've not seen from Columbus before.

Facebook:  The Stitching Studio and Gift Boutique has posted a lovely finished Nativity set and two Pepperberry Studio canvases (snowman and the Naughty and Nice ornaments) on their FB page.

Facebook: Quail Run has added choice photos of canvases from Lani, Kirk and Hamilton, Associated Talents, JP, and Melissa Shirley to their New from Columbus! album.

Facebook:  In Stitches has posted some great shots in their Happy Summer! album.  There are Sew Much Fun dolls, fobs to stitch for your scissors, a double sided pumpkin, Halloween characters in portrait frames,  Kreinik pens you stitch and two wonderful (Elizabeth Turner) lady bug and dragonfly on geometric background canvases.

Facebook:  Peacock Alley Needlepoint has added a ton more photos to their iOS Photos album.  They also updated the June 2013 Market photos album.  The June album has Melissa Shirley, Associated Talents, Patti Mann (I think), Kirk and Hamilton and Kathy Schenkel, close ups of Sew Much More 3-D dolls, Labors of Love, Melissa Prince, Colors of Praise, Viola belts, and many more.  There is a terrific warty witch on her broom with a pumpkin-headed cat riding on the end in this album. Don't know the designer but this one will have many fans (UPDATE:  It's from Kirk and Bradley, thanks Timothy!).  iOS photos has a wonderful Halloween bat in hat from A Collection of Designs and a lot of shots of booths and decorations at the trade show.

Facebook:  Village Needleworks in Omaha has added a photo album of Cooper Oaks designs to their FB page.

Facebook:  Amy's Golden Strand has added a new photo album to their FB page called "Columbus Market Day 2" which has goodies from JP Designs (colorful owls) and Alice Peterson florals and bikes and a nice Christmas stocking with fanciful Xmas trees as well as snowmen stockings and several house exteriors plus cute monkeys hanging from a tree in their charming children collection of sweet animal and vegetable canvases.  There also is a Christmas tree banner from Melissa Shirley, a bichon and a dachsund both on a damask background from Lani,  trees and bird canvases from Machelle Sommerville,  and a gorgeous blue and gold oriental pattern with bees from CanvasWorks.  Amy also added photos of three Colors of Praise canvases of teapots and china, a colorful Bethlehem, and small dragonflies, moths and turtles canvases from the same company.  There are also small arched "fobs" and small round ornaments from the company that are different and colorful.  Melissa Prince rabbits and then chickens and fish and birds are among the canvases, and there is a wonderful slightly abstract floral arrangement from Melissa P. also.  There are stocking tops (colorful and cheerful) from Elizabeth Turner Collection and a wonderful patchwork dog from Pajamas and Chocolate/Patt and Lee.  The final touch are two florals from Sundance.

The Needlepointer has set up a new section on their website called New Market Finds.  So far there are two bird canvases that resemble Charley Harper pieces, a Melissa Shirley floral and lots of great scissors.

JP Needlepoint has updated their website.  Their new brick box purses are on the home page and new florals and new fleur de lis and heart shaped wild animal patterns are at the end of the New Stuff section.

Facebook:  The Collection Designs has several new flags with various icons for stars.

Facebook:  Peacock Alley Needlepoint has posted 75 new photos from the trade show in an album called iOS Photos.

Facebook:  Sundance Designs Needlepoint has posted a photo of their booth and two views of a lovely flower design in one of those Sudberry pin cushions on wooden feet on their FB page.

Facebook: Debbie Rowley has posted the three new designs from DebBee Designs on her Facebook page.  Look for them in her Timeline Photos area.

Facebook:  Timothy Lynch has posted photos from the booth of JP Needlepoint Designs (tiger box and new owls) and from Melissa Shirley's booth (bird houses, beach crackers and a stitching witch) on his FB page.

Amy Bunger continues to update her Amy's Golden Strand website with new items.  Things you pre-order from the site are ten percent off through today.

Needle Works has posted links to the new designer information on their blog.  You can find links to the sites for Maggie and Ewe and Eye here.  There are other links but the one to Leigh isn't live yet and the others show canvases we've already seen.

Melissa Shirley has posted her summer collection on her website.  There are lots of flowers, bird houses and beach themes this summer.  There are also rabbit silhouettes and new basket designs and beach crackers and a series of jam jar canvases.  There are two cute dogs with head gear and a set of stitching witches that is sure to be a hit.  There are also small Halloween rounds and quite a few new Christmas canvases since we all have to stitch for that holiday now to have everything done in time for Christmas 2013.  UPDATE:  Melissa says there have been glitches posting the new items and not everything is there so check back in a day or two to see all the new designs.

Quail Run has posted photos of some of the things that caught their eye on their blog.  There are Melissa Shirley flowers and basket pieces plus a row of bird houses piece, the Great Dane and two flower bouquets in vases from Lani, two of the royal children Labors of Love added to their Henry VIII coaster collection and the new love bird for their double sided bird series, new magnets from Elizabeth Turner, a Rebecca Wood Santa stocking cuff and lovely Christmas tree banner, one of the JP jeweled dragonflies, and Associated Talents' Halloween masks.

Facebook:  The Nimble Needle-Atlanta has posted a wonderful patchwork dog from Patt and Lee/Pajamas and Chocolates on their page as well as a very nice clip on magnifier for travel.

Facebook:  Louise's Needlework has posted photos of three pumpkins from Alice Peterson. Each is dressed up in costume:  mummy, Frankenstein and pirate.  There are lots of Pepperberry canvases, all mostly small Christmas themed ornaments. plus several of the Leigh canvases from the April and September trunk shows.

Facebook:  What's the Point? Needlepoint has gone to town with 114 photos from Market in an untitled album on their FB page.  Included are some darling gingerbread type cookies from Pepperberry Designs, which is a new artist.  You will be able to see new bell shaped ornaments from Associated Talents, new fairy tale canvases from Rebecca Wood (Aladdin and Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty) plus a lot of new round Christmas ornaments from Rebecca, and a set of double sided characters from Labors of Love for Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.  There is a photo of a stunningly beautiful winter banner from Melissa Shirley plus other good shots of her new designs, the house series from Hingham Needlepoint, and a wonderful hummingbird and tropical plant piece from BB Designs.  There's a hilarious horned monster from Renaissance Designs (I think) plus lots of watercolor like beach and floral pieces.  There are patchwork stockings, too. I think all from Renaissance although none are labeled. There are some lovely round pieces from Joy Juarez, all winter scenes.

Facebook:  Park Avenue Needlepoint has posted photos on their FB page.  There are photos from the booths of Associated Talents, JP Needlepoint, and a closeup of the astounding carrot wreath for Easter from Associated Talents.  There are also cute photos of what I think are Sew Much Fun dolls and finished stockings.

Facebook:  Amy's Golden Strand has posted a new photo album from TNNA entitled Columbus Market Day 1.  There all from JP Designs: stitched necklaces, a Tudor patterned purse, a butterfly on a brown damask pattern, jewel-like dragon flies, quite a few duck canvases, and a lot of colorful owls.  There are also Patt and Lee/Pajamas and Chocolate designs (a cat in a shoe with a Cupid skunk about to shoot an arrow into the cat, a 4th of July patterned cat,  and two African ladies walking together.  Besides Labors of Love's Henry VIII set, there is also an elf named Amy, a lovely oriental rug pattern by CanvasWorks as well as a large flag design from the same company, several new signs on striped backgrounds from And More, delphiniums from Kirk and Bradley (formerly Kirk and Hamilton), and several NYC ornaments, Labors of Love has a colorful double sided love bird, and more witches hats and masks from Associated Talents.  Lani has a series of medium sized flower bouquets in vases and a medium sized white flower on a patterned black and gold background.  Lani also has a dynamite harlequin Great Dane in profile on a white damask background.  There are also several new Painted Pony angels, a nice round pumpkin from J. Child, and a Melissa Shirley Thanksgiving basket canvas plus a seagull basket in soft grays.  There are photos of all the large Caribe' canvases from Leigh and three gardening lady canvases from Labors of Love.  There's also a harvest pumpkin wreath, some darling little colorful owls and two stunning purse canvases with hardware from dede Odgen and quite a few florals and birdhouses canvas from Melissa Shirley, not to mention a pink tulips and champagne glass in picnic basket canvas from Ms. Shirley that is lovely.  Amy plans stitch guides for the individual stitching witch canvases from Melissa Shirley.  Robbyn's Nest has two piano keys canvases and several stained glass type designs.  Raymond Crawford has cocktails and sushi themed canvases and owl canvases that have matching needle magnets.  Rebecca Wood has a Halloween train, plus a Christmas and Halloween train, one for Valentine's and 4th of July, plus a Just Married train, all driven by seasonal characters.  There are Santa banners, too.  Kirk and Bradley has snow domes with reindeer, whales, penguins, pastel lighthouses with tiny bows, pretty patterned hearts and florals,

Facebook:  Timothy Lynch (the spider from Associated Talents) is visiting the Labors of Love booth and admiring the double sided animals in a feather tree.

Facebook:  Here is the Christmas trees and wrapped packages design Meredith Willett (M's Canvashouse and Elizabeth Turner Designs) is stitching at Market.

Facebook:  Hingham Square Needlepoint has debuted original designs at market.  There are flags with various symbols instead of the stars, evergreen trees and little buildings.

Barbara Bergsten has posted her latest designs.  There are new shifts (I like the seahorse ones especially), frames and some wonderful geometric patterns.  I love the stack of books geometrics!

Needle Works of Austin isn't at the trade show but they have updated their "What's New" page with many canvases I've not seen before.  There are small Debbie Mumm round fall ornaments, a new patchwork basset hound from Patt and Lee, Texas and sorority themed canvases, and a tooth fairy canvas that had me laughing out loud.  It's called "Arr Me Tooth is Missing!"

Facebook: Amy has also updated the Amy's Golden Strand Facebook album entitled "Sample It & Needlework Showcase" with photos of new Collection of Designs small crosses and a heart plus some of the small Associated Talents Halloween masks.  There are also many new Elizabeth Turner Needle Buddies: purses, wizard hats, teddy bears, flamingo, palm tree and more.

Facebook:  Amy Bunger just posted two photos of the Associate Talents witch hat and mask display at Sample It on her personal FB page.  Very clever!

Facebook:  Quail Run promises to start posting photos of new things on their FB page today (6/22).

Labors of Love has added three new canvases to their Henry VIII series.  Now besides Henry and his six wives, you can stitch his children, Queen Mary, Queen Elizabeth I and Prince Edward VI, all shown as young children.  If you want a hippo for Christmas, they can fix you right up as well!  (By the way, click on "People" to see the whole Henry VIII set.

Facebook:  Serendipity Needlework just posted a photo album of trade show views.   It's called Greater Columbus Convention Center and there are photos of Sandy Arthur teaching a class (including close ups of the fancy stitching).

Facebook:  Amy's Golden Strand has posted a new album entitled Sample It & Needlework Showcase to show off the new things at the opening of the TNNA show.  Here is the first photo.  The series includes little 3-D hearts from Little Shoppe, Halloween crackers from Alice Petersen, some of Associated Talent's Halloween masks, a 3-D pirate doll from Sew Much Fun, JP Designs' fleur de lis animal pattern in a Lee leather bag, a juke box and a radio canvas each with matching frames from Robbyn's Nest, DJ Designs' bird cage round box with a Susan Portra stitch guide, wonderful rhinestone scissor bling fobs from Elizabeth Turner, new wired Facets from Kreinik in gold, white, silver and black plus curved serrated scissors to cut metallics, three new Aventi fabric bags and a snowman iPad canvas in a leather frame.  There is a second folder called Market Atmosphere that shows the trade show floor.

Amy Bunger has a new look to her website.   Here's the Columbus Market page.  There's nothing there yet but stay tuned!  The first market updates are live and show tote bags for our stitching supplies.

Facebook:  The National NeedleArts Association (that's TNNA, folks) has posted a photo of the line waiting for Sample It to kick off the trade show.

Facebook Rumor:  Melissa Shirley might have designed beach-themed cracker canvases!

Facebook:  In Stitches has started posting a lot of photographs on their FB page.  There is no identifying information but it sure is fun to look and guess.

Facebook:  Associated Talents' Carol Gantz has posted photos of the booth being set up on her personal FB page.

Facebook:  Raymond Crawford has posted a shot of her new needle magnets, all patterns taken from his most popular designs.  Lots of owls and a nutcracker are in the shot.

Facebook:  Vicky DeAngelis has posted photos of some of the new Raymond Crawford round ornaments from his trade show booth.  Some are Christmasy while there is a lighthouse with lobster, several paper lanterns on another and a pair of cherry cardinals on a third.

Facebook:  Debbie Rowley has posted photos of her trade show booth all decorated in a movie theatre theme.  And it is covered with models of DebBee's Designs, too!

Facebook:  Associated Talents has posted photos of their newest Halloween masks.  Think eye mask covered in many Halloween-themed patterns and colors.  There's one with a cat, one covered in beads, one with a moon and stars on a blue sky and several with stripes covered in Halloween patterns.

Facebook:  Folks are promising updates to their Facebook pages from Columbus. If you have a FB account, watch Timothy Lynch, What's the Point? Needlepoint, Amy Bunger, Amy's Golden Strand, and Louise's Needlework for updates.  Amy Bunger promises to upload photos of canvases she is ordering to her website, too. That link is

Ada from Eye Candy shows off a stitch guide for her Halloween Witches Garden Collage
and a new queenly cat design in her signature colors.

Facebook:  Melissa Prince Designs has posted photos of some of their new Columbus canvases on their Facebook page.

Facebook:  Associated Talents has posted photos of some of their new small starfish ornaments.

Facebook:  Louise's Needlepoint says they will offer a discount on orders of items they find at the Columbus trade show and promise to post lots of photos on their FB page.

Facebook:  JP Needlepoint has posted photographs of the six new owl canvases they created for the Columbus show.  These are called Breakfast at Hooters and feature bright colors and patterns.

Here is a link to the mobile app that TNNA has created for Columbus attendees.  Looks like it works on Apple, Kindle and Android devices.

There are wonderful new Mag Friend magnets coming from Accoutrement Designs--nutcracker and cake, hummingbird and bird of paradise blossom!

Laura Perrin has released a new summer design called "Bargello and Butterfly".  You can see it here.

Waterweave has updated their new website with plenty of colorful new canvases in their signature watercolor style.

Fleur de Paris is updating their website with new products and canvases from the designers they distribute.

Needle Delights shows off three new designs, two of which are teaching pieces for now.

Facebook:  Needle Delights has posted a photo of the latest chart, Calypso Squares, on the Needlepoint Nation Facebook page.

Thanks to Theresa of Homestead Needle Arts, we have links to the newest items from Whimsey and Grace,

...and the newest kits and designer (second link) from Unique New Zealand.

DebBee's Designs is releasing a new chart called "Garden of Silken Delights" at the Columbus market. Here is a preview.

Vicky shows off new colors in Rainbow Gallery threads as well as some of their new wood-acrylic laying tools.

Pocket Full of Stitches is also showing off the newest Maggie, Ewe and Eye and Zecca canvases.

Enriched Stitch shows off new Maggie plus Ewe and Eye canvases.  I don't know if these are new to the shop or brand new entirely but I have never seen most of them before so I am thinking these are just out.

Facebook:  Joan Lohr's teaching this darling witch (I think with Ruth Dilts) at TNNA on Friday.  Sorry, I don't know the designer.

Liz has finished the small Mad Miters model for her ANG chapter class. Hopefully this will be a LizArt commercial chart eventually.

Pepita's latest design is the retro Oven Mitt.  Charming!

Orna Willis has a new cuff pattern available. It's called the Tree Cuff and is wonderful.

Needle Paint has released a new bird and flower design that is cheerful and summery.

Pocket Full of Stitches has posted photos of the new dimensional flower beads from Sundance, Wonder Ribbon and square crystal sequins from The Collection, heart beads, gear shaped sequins and more on their blog.

Here are a few of the newest Mag Friends magnets--colorful daises!

Want to see some of the newest glow-in-the-dark threads (including Silk Lame Braid!) from Rainbow Gallery and the new multi-colored Sparkles from Sundance?  Pocket Full of Stitches has posted lots of photos.

Though she won't be at Columbus since she lives in South Africa, Trish Burr has introduced a kit for her gorgeous Sacred Kingfisher design.  If you are into needle painting, this is a must have.  Here are the details plus a link to Trish's Etsy chop.

Barbara Bergsten has posted a link to an article about what TNNA plans in terms of Internet access, smart phone and tablet apps and charging stations for Columbus.  Thank you!

Janet Granger has new doll's house fire screen kits. These come with the metal fire screens themselves, the chart to create the design and silk gauze and floss in the colors needed.

Julie Mar has a new series called Letterbox.

Needle Delights has new chart releases--the first is called "Calypso Squares" and there's a new
Color Delights chart called "Olive".

Barbara Bergsten's latest designs are all inspired by modern quilts.  They are gorgeous!

Facebook:  The latest Melissa Shirley basket floral arrangement is the Fall Thanksgiving basket.  Melissa posted a photo on her FB page.

Facebook:  Beth's Needlepoint Nook has custom magnets taken from the Brenda Stofft Wild Ride canvases they offered as a club last year.  There is a photo on their FB page of one of the magnets, the one with Santa riding a green turtle.  Oh, they have one of Santa on a panda and also riding a camel.  Very cute.

What's the Point? has posted new gnome designs from Kirk and Hamilton on their blog.  Hilarious!

Facebook:   Raymond Crawford is releasing magnets featuring snippets from his most popular designs!

Orna Willis is showing off several new projects.

The World of Stitches is celebrating Julia Snyder Day when they opened their mail.  None of this is brand new but many of the canvases are new to me so I thought you'd like to see them.

Fans of Manual Salas' Day of the Dead art turned into needlepoint canvases by Tapestry Fair will enjoy seeing his latest lady with her frog and toadstool hat, the black cat stole and of course the traditional cut paper background.

Facebook:  JP Needlepoint has posted photos of five of their ten new Box Purse canvases.

Here's Sandy Arthur's second class at TNNA Columbus--the quail family from Sundance!

Tapestry Fair has a new Manual Salas canvas, this time of an elegant Day of the Dead lady with a black cat draped over her shoulder.

Joan Lohr is going to teach one of JP Needlepoint's pieces (from Devon Nicholson) at TNNA.  It's the Rose Gooney Bird, a simple little bird done in fabulous fun stitches with beads and glass flowers. You can see a photo on the JP Needlepoint Facebook page.  They also have a photo of one of their new "box" purses there.  There are ten new designs in that series for shops to choose from.

Orna Willis has introduced three new cuff designs.  If you purchase all three from her Etsy store, there is a discount on the charts.

CBK has a new website under construction.  They are working on it now but started by posting the brand new canvases there.

Sandy Arthur is going to teach this brand new Caribe' canvas called Jamaica from Leigh Designs at Columbus.

Facebook UPDATE:  Sandy just posted a photo of the framed Jamaica on FB.

Kelly Clark is going Texas with new Texas-themed ornaments and a boot full of the yellow roses of Texas.

Vicky DeAngelis is teaching a Halloween canvas from Raymond Crawford at the show.  Your shop can sign up for her class and I think they can then reteach it to their customers.

Here are the threads for this Raymond Crawford piece.  Yummy!

Facebook:  Melissa Shirley Designs has posted photos of the baskets series, some of which are brand new and being released in June at Columbus.

Barbara Bergsten is already stitching a model of one of her big shift canvases in her signature pinks and greens.

Amy's June Newsletter

Amy Bunger's June newsletter is here, right on time.   As always, it is full of good ideas, new products and more.  One thing I believe most stitchers will enjoy is the announcement of two new canvases from Rogue Needlepoint--two of Henry VIII's wives!  I expect someone will do stitch guides for the royal wives soon but they look like a quick and fun stitch even without a guide to ease your stitching path.  Don't miss the photos of finished customer pieces.  They are stunners!

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Over One Over Linen

I am strictly a needlepointer who appreciates other forms of handwork but doesn't dabble in them.  However, I think I am in a minority here as many of my stitching friends do all types of stitching.  In case you are in that number, or are considering a temporary detour into stitching on linen, I thought you might enjoy this link, which comes from Gay Ann Roger's classroom where students are comparing stitching some of her designs on linen versus Congress cloth.  As you may or may not know, creating cross stitches over one thread instead of over a pair of threads on linen has to be done differently than on needlepoint canvas or Congress cloth because linen fabrics will allow the stitches that make the crosses to slip under the linen threads.  This isn't a problem with "over two" cross stitches but if you want smaller ones, you have to build the cross stitch a certain way.

Have fun testing this!  Many thanks to GAR's students for their interesting discussion of this problem.

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The Pork Lover's Dream

Anyone who collects pigs will be charmed by Ridgewood's pairing of a pig ornament (possibly from Jody Designs?) with a pink pig magnet.

Sew Much Fun has a dimensional patchwork pig that is equally charming.

This monochromatic pig is perfect for your country kitchen.  Again, I'm not sure of the designer.

A Dragon's Tale's pig wears a jeweled collar and can be done as a single or a double sided oinker.

I hope you enjoyed today's porcine posting!  LOL

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