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ANG Seminar 2013

This year the American Needlepoint Guild's Seminar is August 23-30 in Anaheim, California.

Here are the classes offered.

And now, here are the Seminar reports, latest on top!

Vicky DeAngelis shows off her prize winner from Seminar.

Liz talks about her first class at Seminar, Pamela Harding's Serengeti.  Lovely!

Liz talks about her second Terry Dryden class.  I've heard Terry is a dynamite teacher and Liz certainly seems to think so.

More Seminar from Elizabeth, the editor of Needlepoint Now.

More Seminar photos from Vicky,

Facebook:  Cindy Lee Manekofsky Gershin has posted photos of her two ribbon winners from Seminar on her FB page.  Beautiful!  The sampler received a perfect score!

Liz Morrow is back from Seminar, with a third place ribbon in her suitcase!  Congratulations, Liz! The second link shows off Leaping Stag, an original design by Liz herself.  The think link shows the piece with its ribbon.

Many congratulations to Sandy Arthur who won ANG's Literary Award at Seminar for her Shapes books!  (And thanks to Sundance for the tip.)  Here's Sandy's report on the classes she took and taught and a few other tidbits about attending Seminar as a teacher.

More fun at Seminar from Vicky DeAngelis.

Facebook:  Ada Hayden of Eye Candy Needlepoint has posted photos of the Halloween tree covered in her ornaments that was auctioned at Seminar.

Facebook:  Here's the Sea Shell Pillow Quail Run Needlework Inc. finished for the ANG Auction.

Facebook:  ANG, The American Needlepoint Guild, Inc. has posted a lot of shots of fun at Seminar on their FB page.  I think lots of the photos are courtesy of Arliss Link.  Thanks, Arliss!

All good times come to an end.  Sigh.

Jan Sprague is also at Seminar, working on one of the ANG committees, and reports in on her Stitchlady's Adventures blog.

Vicky DeAngelis can't believe it's almost over!

Facebook:  Penny Boswinkle has posted photos of a classroom and eating with friends at Seminar.  Judging from the wine bottles, folks are having a great time!

Facebook:  Pamela Harding has posted photos of the opening banquet.  Lots of happy faces!

Facebook:  ANG, The American Needlepoint Guild, Inc. has posted a list of exhibit ribbon winners on their FB page.  Congratulations to all!

Facebook:  Vicky De Angelis has posted a photograph of her ribbon winner, the Lee tiger shoulder bag.  Lovely!  The second link is her blue ribbon winner, also on FB but this time on Laura Zickus' page.

Vicky has taken more photos of her classroom and the Seminar hotel for us stay-at-homes to enjoy.

Facebook:  The American Needlepoint Guild, Inc. is adding Seminar photos to their FB page.  Right now there are photos from Margaret Kinsey's class uploaded and more are promised for the afternoon of 8/25.

Facebook:  Maryelvis Sinton has posted a photo of her jeweled owl she is showing off at Teacher's Showcase to her FB page.  This is Japanese beading at its finest.

We of the Needle is a shop just twenty minutes from Seminar!  They are offering a discount if you have your ANG badge, too.

The ANG Auction is online!  You can submit absentee bids and preview the auction items for the ive auction here.

Facebook:  Vicky De Angelis is posting photographs of the hotel and setup on her FB page, and is also adding photos from her class with Debbie Stiehler.

Laura Perin is sending lots of beautiful charts to the Seminar Shop.

Vicky is packing!

Sandy Arthur posted some photos of the classes she's teaching on her blog.

Relax with Your Needlepoint

In "Tapestry for the Terrified",  Wendy reminds us to relax over our needlework.

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