Monday, April 11, 2022

Lowry Frame Accessories and the Floss Queen's Stitching Tray

Thanks to the New Jersey Needle Artists folks, I have news about Lowry frame accessories.  There is a care kit to stop the squeeking, you can buy an attachment to turn the floor stand into a table stand, plus they have a lovely stitching cabinet that the Lowry fits inside.  You both have the floor frame mostly hidden plus more storage for your stitching supplies.

Needle in a Haystack's owner (aka The Floss Queen) has a wonderful stitching tools organizer tray, available in two sizes and a range of colors.  It's acrylic so you won't break it if it falls on the floor when hit by your dog's tail.  All the details are here so scroll down to browse.

The right tools make our stitching so much easier!

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