Sunday, March 26, 2023

Mysteries of Needlepoint Available Again

Amy Bunger just announced her six chapter Mysteries of Needlepoint is available again.

This was a club Amy did in 2015.  Each chapter talks about another aspect of needlepoint with plenty of tips and ideas to make your stitching better and more enjoyable.  There are also stitch diagrams but Amy's knowlege is the focus of these chapters.  I'm thrilled it is available again as I didn't sign up for the club when it was available.  Silly me!  But now I can correct that oversight.

You'll be able to buy chapters separately if you wish.  Each chapter is $30.  I don't think there is a discount if you buy them all.  

Here are the available chapters, taken from the drop down menu in the first link above.
Chapter 1 - "It's Elementary" Elements
Chapter 2 - "Following the Lead" Pathway
Chapter 3 - "Scene of the Crime" Design
Chapter 4 - "Building Your Case"
Chapter 5 - "Forensic Reconstruction - Part 1" Fins and Scales
Chapter 6 - "Forensic Reconstruction - Part 2" Birds and Insects

If I remember correctly these went into a three ring binder so you will likely get loose pages for each chapter.

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