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TNNA Report: Website Updates UPDATED

Folks are starting to update their websites with new things. Sundance has updated their website with photos of their sequins and Sparkles.  Click on Catalog, then use the Product pull down menu to choose sequins, to see the various colors of Sparkles, and to just explore.

Kay Stanis has updated her Facebook page with a image of a water dragon.  It appears to be silk and metal embroidery, although the photo isn't good enough to be certain.  Chaparral Needlework is promising to update their Facebook page tomorrow morning with plenty of photographs.  Amy Bunger has already added to her photo album on the Amy's Golden Strand Facebook page.  For non-Facebook users, Amy's also updated her Market Preview page on her website.

UPDATE:  Peacock Alley Needlepoint has added lots of great photos with descriptions to their FB page as well.

Colleen has a few more wonderful things.

I expect there will be more new things tonight but I think I'll wait until tomorrow to post them. I don't want heads to explode from all the new eye candy.

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TNNA Report: Dragon Sighting

Bristly Thistle found a dragon at the TNNA Market! It's from Ellen Solomons/Crooked Tree and is wonderful.  If you want to see more of Crooked Tree's canvases, use the second link.  They are the folks who did the sea turtle that Vicky liked so much.

Nimble Needle has checked in with a wonderful verbal portrait of all the delights found at Market.

In non-TNNA news, Liz is starting to reveal (with the designer's permission) a new Ro Pace design she's pilot stitching.  It is called Atlantis Rising.

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TNNA Report: Shoguns Attack

I can finally reveal all--Leigh's Shogun series is up on her website.  I stitched Yoritomo, the first Shogun of Japan, to ask as a model for the TNNA show.  Photos are on the CH Stitch Guides blog since Leigh and I are selling the stitch guide.  Remember, use the magic carpet to go there and then come back to Blog.

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TNNA Report: Amy without Facebook (and Melissa Larger)

I know those of you without Facebook accounts have been gnashing your teeth because you can't see the goodies from the Winter TNNA show posted there.  Amy Bunger feels your pain!  She has a new page on her website with all the things she put on Facebook.  Thanks, Amy!

Those of you who are unsatisfied with the small photos of Melissa Shirley's new things on her website will want to go see the nice big pictures BeStitched has added to their site.

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TNNA Report: Tapestry Fair Talks

Tapestry Fair Booth Closeup
Peggi of Tapestry Fair (who is distributing Pocito and Belleza the Day of the Dead ladies I'm working on) wrote me several messages over the weekend, reporting on what she saw at Market.  She's given me permission to share with you and even sent photos which she was given permission to take and pass on to Blog.  By the way, the two photos of the Tapestry Fair booth have been posted on Facebook, but Peggi let me repost them here for those who don't have FB accounts so you can see what their booth looks like.  Without further ado, here is Peggi in her own words--

Collection of Designs Stockings
"The TF booth was mobbed this morning, so I didn't get out to look at the show until after lunchtime. I'm only half finished with the needlepoint side, but have seen some really good stuff (including your canvas in Leigh's booth!). Janet at Collection of Designs has a new line of ornament stockings on #13 that are wonderful. Four different colorways of perfectly painted Christmas balls on a white background filled with gold and silver stars (snowflakes?). Rebecca Wood has some beautiful stocking cuffs - very detailed, but a lot less stitching than a full stocking. From Shelley Tribbey, adorable jack in the box ornaments for different holidays, which include the little figurine that pops out of the box. Melissa Shirley has the finished crow on display, and it is even better than I imagined it would be. And, her little insects, finished in shadow boxes are amazing.  No eye candy - ran off after the show for dinner with the Family Arts group and left the camera at the show - sorry. Still lots of booths to see, and from what I've scanned while dashing around they should be equally as good as what I've seen so far. Will try to get more details to you tomorrow."

Yoritomo from Leigh Designs' Shogun Series
"Hi again - That was a rather large background on Yoritomo. [Peggi's talking about my Shogun Yoritomo for Leigh Designs, shown above.]  In the earlier days of Tapestry Fair we did a set of 3 geishas with similar large white backgrounds without giving any thought to the poor stitcher. I still have the originals, but if I ever bring them back I'll repaint and try to resolve that problem. BTW, I did get a chance to see Barbara Elmore's mystery canvas and it is really wild, but she probably wants to reveal the photo herself. And, Sharon G's owls and pussycats are fantastic in person. She also brought along her pens....they were always some of my personal favorites.

More of the Tapestry Fair Booth
A lot of us veteran designers have decided that bringing some of our older pieces out of retirement isn't such a bad idea - just because it isn't new doesn't mean it isn't good. I hung some of my really old canvases just because I like them and was pleased to see how many of them sold."

Old World Designs' Beaded Star
"Here are the photos I promised you. First are the Collection of Design stockings that I mentioned yesterday (and already ordered). I think these are really elegant, and very unique.  

Old World Designs' Beaded Packages
Secondly, the beaded embellishments from One World Buttons that we displayed on some of our canvases (3 photos). [These beaded ornaments that Peggi is using on her canvases aren't on the Old World Buttons website so I asked her for photographs.]  And finally, a photo of part of our booth.  

Old World Designs' Beaded Ornaments
I'll try to snap a few more tomorrow - today was pretty hectic, and I still have two more rows of needlepoint to see before ordering. Guess I spent too much time socializing with old friends today and catching up on news. That's it for now - time to crash..."

Sweet dreams, Peggi.  Thanks!
Anyone curious about Tapestry Fair can browse their website.

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TNNA Report: Tisha Needs Tools (and More) UPDATED

A lot of shop owners use Saturday (Day 2) of the TNNA show to browse and make notes, then on Sunday they buy-buy-buy. Tisha is no exception. Since she's Needlepoint Tool Time, she's interested in the items that make our stitching easier and/or more fun.  I'm particularly jazzed she's going to have tekobari.  I've always wanted an authentic Japanese laying tool even though my Shay Pendray laying tool is wonderful.

Colleen is also placing orders.  Look what she found!  Kelly Clark little witches, Pischke Pocket pillows, great floral canvases and Vicky's Easter Egg house all made up, plus a glimpse of some of the stitches inside June McKnight's Bling book.

Bristly Thistle has posted a photo of this year's big Amanda Lawford Santa.  I believe he's called Woodland Santa, which is appropriate with all the creatures I find in my woods clustered around  him.

Pocket Full of Stitches went 3-D on us. They also have Patti Mann photos and Painted Pony news for fans of these designers.

UPDATE:  Stitching Studio has their favorites, too.

UPDATE #2:  Here's a sneak peek at new Princess and Me pieces, straight from Needle Bug's trunk show.

Finally, our favorite spies (Robin and Vicky) have reported back with more photographs.  Thank you both!  Robin, I like everything except the Let It Snow Nordic Star ornament from Kirk and Hamilton.  (It's still sleeting here.)

Vicky, thanks for showing us how Mr. Crow looks all stitched and assembled.  She's also posted several wonderful owl canvases and I do appreciate seeing the Lund Enterprises sea turtle canvases.  They are beautiful.

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The Year of the Dragon

Chinese New Year Dragon

Today starts the New Year for the Chinese.  It is the Year of the Dragon, and apparently the water element influences the dragon zodiac in 2012.  Many folks know this already, of course, and I've had several folks ask me if I know of any new dragon designs coming out to mark the year.  I'm most familiar with the Leigh and Tapestry Tent dragon designs.  Let's start with Leigh Designs since that's first alphabetically.  Leigh has two smaller dragon canvases in her line currently.  The Chinese New Year dragon above is especially made to be used as an insert in the Lee tote bags.  It's not on the Leigh website because it is licensed to Lee/Colonial Designs.  Your shop will have to order it from Lee/Colonial for you.  I own this canvas (pictured above) and hope to have time to stitch it this year.

One of the Leigh fantasy pagodas is decorated with dragons,

as are all of her Drama Dragon masks.

She also has Ch'ing Dragon in her Chinese Dynasty ornament set.  That's her other small dragon canvas.  I've done a stitch guide for this one, which you can see on the CH Stitch Guide blog.

Leigh also created a series of eight dragons quite a few years back that occasionally turn up on eBay.  You may remember Sandy talking about her European dragon from this series this time last year.

Moving on to Tapestry Tent, the company does a series of large and elaborate fairy tale dragon canvases.  Here are all I could find.  This site has three listed at the top of this section.  Click on the little photos for a better look.

Liz of Tapestry Tent also has a magnificent Santa and the dragon stocking.

Creative Needle has a nice dragon design, less cluttered and probably a quicker stitch.

dede Odgen has a nice Year of the Dragon zodiac stand up figure.  She also has two dragon belt canvases but I couldn't find a good enough photo of those to show you.

HP Designs has several smaller stylized dragons.

Interested in a dragon-patterned kimono shape?  JP Needlepoint and Lee can fix you right up!

Lee also has a dragon-patterned fan.

A similar dragon by Lee is an insert for one of their leather bags.

This is getting rather long, so if you haven't found the dragon of your dreams yet, I suggest you visit Fireside Stitchery and search on dragon.  You'll see two dragon boxes, a lantern with a dragon pattern, a magnificent Michelene Love canvas of a dragon protecting its egg, a gorgeous red dragon from HP Designs and much more.

If you have a favorite dragon canvas that I haven't found, please mention it in the comments below.  Your fellow fire-breathing fans will thank you!

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