Sunday, October 1, 2023

Clip On Pen Holders Repurposed

Megan of the Needlepoint Clubhouse mentioned using clip on pen holders intended for desk calendars or journals to hold your laying tool on the latest Instagram video from her shop.

Megan clips her pen holder to the side of her stretcher bars to hold her laying tool.  If you aren't into journals or day planners, you may not have seen these.  I certain had not.  They look like this...

...or this.

You will need a clip that will fit over your stretcher bar, so do a little measuring before you order, but a lot of Etsy shops carry these.   Do check how they will work, though.  This style might not fit over stretcher bars, not even the minis.  Some have larger or smaller loop, too.  You may need a small for a metal laying tool while a larger loop may hold a wooden laying tool.

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