Friday, July 23, 2010


Kaffe Fassett, Color Master & My Hero

Who is this man and why is he so happy?  This is the great Kaffee Fassett, textile designer (including needlepoint) extraordinare!  He knows more about color than anyone alive in my opinion.  Your NP library isn't complete until you own his Glorious Needlepoint.

I started out with Kaffe because his monthly newsletter plopped into my email box yesterday.  One of his videos has been turned into a download at the store.  Here's a bit about it. Click on Play Free Preview and you'll be taken to the Amazon store where you can play a snippet.

If you've ever wondered what on earth plastic canvas is good for, go here now.

You know most days I have to post about a sale.  This is a good one for devotees of counted canvaswork--Orna Willis is putting some of her charts on sale.

Finally, here are the results of the poll did.  I know that there is another side to customer service that just what we think of shops (I shudder to think what shop owners must think of us some days!) but it is still shocking to me how things turned out.  Somewhere around 27% of folks say that shop staff have been rude in a recent visit, 27% say that the staff couldn't answer questions about the items they carry, 10% say staff refused to assist them, and 27% say their local shop is terrific.  In other words, about 70% of shop visits are bad experiences.

I'm going to the big Xmas in July sale at Needlewoman East today. You can be sure I'm going to hug each and every shop owner I run into!

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