Thursday, April 11, 2019

Unicorns in Needlepoint UPDATED

Apparently April 9 was Unicorn Day (how did I miss THAT?!) so Accoutrement Designs has posted their unicorn themed magnets and fobs. Unicorn canvas by Oasis.

Black Rose Needlepoint has a new design—"Sophie's Unicorn." This normally comes on 13 mesh but it can be done on 18 count or 10 count for a child to stitch. has a folk art version of a unicorn ornament as an online class.

Nenah Stone has a lovely one that's not too large at seven inches square.

A. Bradley has a darling small unicorn mini sock.

My Pink Sugar Life has a sweet one.

Actually, their shop has the most unicorn small pieces I've found.  You can find a Kathy Schenkel tooth fairy unicorn or mini sock with a castle in the background, Rachel Donley's round unicorn ornament with space for a monogram (or perhaps a tiny photo?), and several versions of Princess and Me's little uni ornament, plus Burnett and Bradley's silvery Harry Potter-worthy unicorn rearing.  Plus you can get their folk art unicorn as a plain canvas.

Here's the Princess and Me uni made up into a pillow.

And as an ornament.

Susan Roberts offers the Tapestry Tent unicorn Christmas stocking.

Oasis Needlepoint has a unicorn portrait that appears to be rather large.

LizArt has a small charted one, suitable for a beginner.

So does Burnett and Bradley (formerly A Collection of Designs).

The famous unicorn from the Cluny Tapestries is still available for those who love Medieval designs.
Search around though.  You can get it cheaper than this.

Or just buy and download the chart.

Alice Peterson has a version as well.

However, my favorite is the Ehrman kit from Candace Bahouth.

UPDATE:  Rebecca Wood has two new unicorn ornaments and a unicorn with rider piece.  The She Unicorn has a pink and green mane while the He Unicorn ornament has a purple and green mane.

Labors of Love has a brand new smallest unicorn with flowers.

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