Sunday, February 3, 2013

TNNA Favorites

Somehow I didn't manage to write an article for Blog this morning. But not to worry, it is easy for me to talk endlessly about needlepoint on the spur of the moment. Since the TNNA wholesale trade show is happening right now, I'll just mention the things that have caught my eye.  This simple little Zecca skull would be fun to embellish the heck out of.

I'm a sucker for Nativities, so the mini Nativity by Kathy Schenkel has great appeal for me.  The little figures are on pages 4-5 of her updated What's New section.

I also love the two new Nativities from Tapestry Fair.  One set is domed and in a modern style.  You can see one piece here on their blog.  This might be an Egyptian Wise Man....  I don't have photos of the other, sorry.  It is an enameled Russian set, each piece inside a circle, or at least that's how I describe the style!

I also like the new Halloweenie characters from Kelly Clark.  There is a witch and (my favorite) the Grimn Reaper.

I think the Peter Adderley cat and dog canvases from Maggie are going to be big hits.

I also have become charmed by one of the Melissa Shirley Woodland series, the owl and acorn trees.

I also like her Winter word scene.  Icy!

Mindy has a gorgeous ecru piece called Asian Bamboo.  The Lani botanicals are lovely but they aren't whispering my name like Mindy's bamboo is.

Colleen has also posted what she especially liked--Lani's shoe canvases (these stitched are to die for!) and her koi, new Amanda Lawford complex abstract florals, all of Leigh's Femme Fatales, and two Zecca pet canvases.

Like her, I thought the Melissa Shirley little vintage style Irish children charming and the peacock jar is to die for. The Debbie Mumm tiny round Halloween ornaments (especially the cat on a fingernail moon) would be great quick fun, and I like John Johannsen's floral heart.  That would be wonderful to dress up in ribbons and wire!

What's caught your eye?  Post it here in the Comments with a link if you have one.

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New Accessories

Rittenhouse has written about some of the lovely stitching accessories they have in stock. Some of these are new, some are no longer available. If you need new scissors and want something unusual, check out what they have featured here--

Don't need accessories for your stitching?  How about a new belt?  This little article has some hints about how to successfully stitch yourself a NP belt, too.

Or a new bag?  Everyone needs a killer needlepoint purse!

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