Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Breaking News: The Canvasback Has a New Owner UPDATED

The Canvasback has a new owner!  Here's the announcement.  The old team is still in place, though.

UPDATE:  More about the transition to new ownership.

Congratulations to Sally and Eilene and here's to many more happy stitching years!  If you don't happen to live near Northfield, you can always visit the shop website.

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Introducing Bitch

My latest, courtesy of Bloomin' Stitches

Today I thought I'd show off my next project--Bitch, an exclusive canvas from Bloomin' Stitches.  This is in stock in the black on cream version, but the purple on cream (or any other version you want--the Needleart Nut owns this in red on white) is available if you don't mind waiting for Bloomin' Stitches to have it painted for you.!bloomin-stitches-exclusive-canvases/c1hcs

This design is 8 inches square on 18 count canvas but with all the blank margin around the outside it's on 12 inch stretcher bars.  By the way, the cream background has a touch of gold sparkle in it that adds a bit of elegance to the overall design if you choose an open stitch for the background.

This canvas was a gift from a dear friend and has been claimed by a relative of mine who thinks it is hilarious.  Tasteful?  Well, no, but sometimes one has to run wild and how better to do that than in needlepoint?  I'll have it finished as a pillow with a monogram or something on the back so that the eventual owner can show off this side of her personality or not as she chooses, just by flipping the pillow over.  The tread toward "cheeky" needlepoint is explained here.

This also is a great item to blog-stitch because the background is a totally blank slate and the lettering varies in width so much.  I'll be able to explore all sorts of ways to create lettering.  I hope you enjoy watching me figure out how best to stitch this (and how to hide it from my husband so I don't have to wash my mouth out with soap).

I've already gotten threads together for this, but that's another posting.

Stay tuned for another Chilly Hollow Needlepoint (blog-stitching) Adventure!

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Carole King's "Tapestry"

Fans of Carole King's music will be amazed to hear that her album "Tapestry" got its title from the needlepoint she was working at the time.

Here is a peak inside the album cover.

Many of the songs on the album are classics of the period.  Have fun listening and stitching along!

(Many thanks to the lady who posted the first link above on Facebook.)

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