Thursday, July 7, 2022

Acrylic Coasters for Needlepoint

Recently folks on Needlepoint Nation have been asking where to buy acrylic coasters with a space for their stitching.   These shops said they stock acrylic coasters:

Two shops said they have an acrylic finisher.  I'm sure many more do that haven't found the posting yet, so check with your favorite shop.

You can find acrylic coasters on Etsy, too.  My search for "acrylic coasters for embroidery" turned up these:

Warning:  these things may not have enough space for anything dimensional like ribbons or beads.  It's not clear if you can remove your stitching and replace it with something else if you wish, either.  Beware.

If you need something custom, have your favorite shop talk to Kreative Acrylics.  They can do almost anything.

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