Saturday, May 12, 2018

My New Silicone Thimble

My New Silicone Thimbles, One Trimmed Down

Regular Blog readers may remember Mary Corbet's foray into using silicone finger protectors as a thimble.

I thought it was a clever idea and since I'm prone to split skin around my fingertips, I started trying to find local sources for these things.  We don't have cooking stores in my area but we do have several big box craft stores and I got lucky in the glue section of Hobby Lobby.  I found the same silicone finger protectors Mary used marketed as hot glue gun finger protectors.

The package has three of them, two Large and one Medium, for $4.99 plus tax.  I have small hands but the Large fitted my fingers and thumb well.  However, they were too long, so I took my paper scissors and cut half an inch off the bottom of one of the Large finger protectors.  Now it works great!  I've used it a little and find it both light weight and good protection using tiny beading needles.  Their eye ends can be sharp as you push them through something dense but so far, I haven't had a needle sink into the silicone, much less go through all the way and stick me.

It feels good on my fingers and thumbs—it isn't heavy like a metal thimble is--and will help protect any fingers with issues.  I am not certain how good it would feel it I were stitching on a sunny beach with heat, sweat and sand. Perhaps one of Blog's readers will take one for the team and go on a beach vacation with a few packed away for us and report back?

Thanks, Mary!

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