Saturday, May 25, 2019

Woodstock for Christmas Bird

Now that I have the background done and the bird on Woodstock Christmas Logo has a Santa hat, I need to stitch the bird's body.  When you need to stitch birds, leaves or scaly critters like dragons, the first step is to pull out your copy of Carolyn Hedge Baird's Needlepoint Stitches:  A Field Guide for Birds.

It's a great resource.  Carolyn even has little black silhouettes of birds in various poses, so all you have to do is flip through a section looking for a silhouette that matches your bird on your canvas.  Since the bird I'm stitching is rather small, I looked through the section on small stitches only and decided that one of the Small Leaf Stitches on page 51 would be perfect.  Here's my diagram of what Carolyn came up with.

Small Leaf Stitch

I stitched the bird's breast with white size 8 perle cotton.  Then I turned the canvas on its side and stitched the wing with the same thread and stitch.  The bird's face is tent stitched.  I'll work the beak later on and add eyes later also.  I also outlined the bird's body and wing in stem stitches with glow-in-the-dark white Petite Silk Lame Braid.  Then I stitched the tail with long stitches in both threads.  Next time I will have added the eyes, beak and the leg but I will have to stitch the head and neck of the guitar before I can put in the bird's tiny claws. Until then, Go with the Flow!

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