Thursday, March 25, 2010

Beads, Glue and Wire

I've been pretty busy with little things on the Tardis ornament.  I've beaded the light on the top (size 15 yellow hex beads that a friend sent me), added a bit to the roof line on the left above the side wall, added tent stitches at the top and bottom of the ornament to make finishing easier, and carefully stitched letters on the sign above the doors.  I used the same thread (Finca's Prescencia overdyed cotton floss in shades of yellow #9025) for the lettering and to attach the beads except I doubled my single ply for the beading but used just one single ply to stitch the letters.  I used the same sharp beading needle for both tasks.  A sharp needle makes free hand lettering like this easier as you can put the needle through a NP canvas thread if necessary. You aren't limited to just using the holes.

I've also done some things you can't see.  I put glue (Aileen's Tacky Glue) around the back side of the right door along the edge.  It'll have dried well by the time I cut out this piece to attach it.  I added another piece of wire to the door's hinge edge as well so there are four attachment places instead of just two.  It seemed more secure that way.

I've taken an old advertising magnet down from the refrigerator (one with a 2009 calendar on it) and cut two strips of magnet from it.  I'll use those to make the door stay closed.  And I went fabric shopping.  I picked up a bit of pale blue chiffon with silver dabs of paint on it to back the right door's underside so it doesn't show off the back side when open.

I just need to do a bit more on this piece before I can trim the canvases for finishing.  I am finishing up the area just below the roof line with a couched line of #8 perle held down by long and narrow cross stitches.  After that I need to add a few more tent stitches above the roof, but I think the stitching will be done by then.

This is on track to be finished this weekend.  HURRAH!

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