Trapunto, Repousse and Padding Explained

If you want to create a raised look on your design, there are several techniques you can use besides couching a thick thread on top of an area.  None are hard but some take more patience than others. 


Mary of Whimsical Stitch explains padding here.  And yes, it's really that easy!  To get a smooth top layer, use a laying tool to place your stitches.  But don't worry, you can always add more layers to get a more raised or smoother look.


Trapunto is a quilting technique.  It's not hard but it does take more steps than simple padding.  

It worked particularly well on the pendant my Day of the Dead Lady wore.


This is the most work of all three techniques.  It gives a very raised effect so you do need to choose carefully where you use it or you risk making the repousse area the only thing a viewer sees on the design.  Here's how Needlepoint For Fun does it.

Ruth Schmuff is a master of this technique.  She explains how she does it in detail at the bottom of this shop newsletter.

Tony Minieri also uses this to great effect.  

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