Friday, January 10, 2014

Market is About to Begin

The TNNA trade show is about to begin in San Diego.  Many of the designers and manufacturers of our favorite items are setting up their booths and many shop owners have arrived, ready to balance their checkbook, look at everything, and then place their bets as to what you will want to buy from them later this year. In most cases, orders are placed and the items will be shipped in 2-3 months, so the newest won't show up in the shops until the spring. I know it is hard to wait but the designers can't afford to create a lot of inventory before the show that no one orders.   The one exception is the Sample It! display which offers a limited number of items that a shop can pay for and take home right now.  Your shop owner will be taking classes, picking up new tricks and techniques and cool new designs to bring home to their customers so you can learn something fun.  Needlepoint Etc. has already posted about the Sandy Arthur class Gussie took yesterday.

Here's the teacher list.  Click on the class links to see the models they will be teaching.

As has been my practice for the last year, I have a tab called TNNA Winter 2014 San Diego where I'll list all the updated websites, Facebook photos and blog information I can find.  Click there to see the latest on top.    There are some shop websites and blogs you should keep your eye on in case a huge and ever-changing list of eye candy is really more than you want.  First of all, Chandail has praised to put photos of new things they see at Market on their website.  Here's the link--

Amy Bunger usually posts new things on her website pretty quickly, although you will want to keep an eye on her Facebook pages (Amy's Golden Strand and also Amy Bunger), too.  She promises a en percent discount if you place an order during the show.  (Remember, you are going to have to wait until the orders are filled.)

Colleen almost always blogs about all the goodies she's seen on the Needle Works blog.

Pocket Full of Stitches often blogs once they get home.

It looks likely that Enriched Stitch will do the same on their blog.

Vicky DeAngelis usually has lots of photos but not normally until she gets home from working the shows.  Still, keep an eye on her blog.

If you have a favorite designer, check their website.  Raymond Crawford, Needle Deeva and Patt and Lee already have updated their site to show off their newest things.  You may have to wait until Sunday or Monday to see things, though.  It has been traditional for designers to not show the general public their newest items until after the shows end.  Just keep checking back.

If you have a Facebook account, check your favorite designer's FB page, too.  I have seen an accelerating trend of posting the newest things there first as it is quick and easy, and much cheaper than having your webmaster update your website.

It is an exciting time, and I'll check for new items as often as I can.  If you find something fabulous, post the link in the Comments here so we can all see what caught your eye.

Now if you will excuse me, I have to go update the TNNA Winter show info!

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Friday Finishing: What a Difference Finishing Makes

This morning Ada proves beyond a doubt that the finishing really adds to a piece. Look at all her CandyLand Christmas canvases, each made up differently!  The finishing really reflects the personality of the stitcher and the setting in which the piece will live.

One stitcher can choose a variety of projects, too, each reflecting an aspect of his or her personality or in this case--the personalities the Christmas stocking was created for.  These stockings all belong to family members of the owner of the Enriched Stitch.  Who knew the tree was really orange?  I always remember it as gold when I lived in The City....

Here's a totally different way of finishing those Painted Pony angels.  It will work for many stand up type small figures, too.

A lot of us find finishing very expensive and not always exactly what we dreamed, so I was excited when Liz discovered this cute self-finishing ornament.  They are called Christmas Tucks.

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