Tuesday, January 19, 2016

My Favorites from the TNNA SHOW Winter 2016 UPDATED

Nancy Coffelt's "Squirrel"

Once again I have a list of personal favorites that are debuting at the show in San Diego. First is the modern patterned squirrel by Nancy Coffelt of Quail Run. I love the contrast between the squirrel's patterned skin and the traditional William Morris-style background.

Otto Agular's "Adriana"

Purple Palm Designs has put more of Otto Agular's pieces on needlepoint canvas. My current favorite is this portrait called "Adriana."

Maggie's "Wag the Dog"

This Maggie from her mandala series really charms me!  I wonder if the wagging tail is the spinning center?

"Queen of the Night," from Barbara Elmore Designs

I like more animal canvases this year than I expected.  Isn't this Barbara Elmore/Sundance canvas, done from Carolyn Schmitz's artwork, spectacular?  This is "Queen of the Night."  There are several new Schmitz designs in Barbara's line for Sundance but this one is my favorite.

Raymond Crawford's "Cardinal"

This cardinal from Raymond Crawford is also a charmer.  There are a whole series of small birds in the same style from Raymond, but this is my favorite.

Kathy Schenkel Mini Socks

Kathy Schenkel has new mini socks with matching felt inserts.  The little fox hunting stocking is my favorite because my county hosts the Blue Ridge Hunt, but the various drinks mini socks are fun.

Tapestry Fair's Menorah, in Various Sizes

Tapestry Fair has some wonderful new things this year.  I was particularly struck by their Menorah design, which comes in several sizes, including a stocking, smaller section canvases, and individual light designs as you can see from the photo taken from their trade show booth.

Tapestry Fair's Desert Landscape
I'm also taken with Tapestry Fair's desert landscape with woodpecker.

Asian Woman and Phoenix

Everyone knows I'm a sucker for Asian-themed canvases and the new ones (there are at least four I saw) from the Meredith Collection (formerly Elizabeth Turner Collection) are lovely. This is my favorite.

Both Sides of the dede Odgen Wizard

Turning from realistic canvases to fantasy ones, I really like this dede Odgen double-sided wizard.

Scott Church's Snow Puffin

I'm also quite fond of this "snow" bird from Scott Church Creative/CBK.  It's a charming mix of realism and whimsy.

"Woodland Princess" by Vicki Sawyer/Melissa Shirley

Vicki Sawyer has created several wonderful new pieces for Melissa Shirley Designs but because we have deer in Chilly Hollow, I thought I'd showcase this one.

Who Created Me?

My final favorite is a mystery as the one shop that showed off this artist's work didn't identify the designer. There were at least ten designs in the same style.   This. like all the others I saw from the same hand, is a sketch, not a canvas, and it is hard to say what it will look like on the medium of needlepoint canvas, but I like the fact that it conveys the joy of playing on a sunny beach so well.  If anyone knows who created this, please let me know so I can credit them.

UPDATE:  Martin knows all!  The little girl on the beach is from Patti Mann.  Martin found this booth shot that shows all the designs in this series.

Hope you enjoyed the show!

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