Thursday, July 12, 2018

Don't Be a Thief

Enriched Stitch is having a sale on their instant downloadable stitch guides and a warning.

Don't copy stitch guides or book stitch diagrams and then hand them out to all your friends. It's stealing and even if you have no qualms about that, remember that the world of needlepoint is small.  If folks realize that you copy guides, the shops and stitch guide writers will warn each other of your actions and it'll get harder to buy the supplies you want.

And as one commenter mentions in the link above, I take copyright seriously on Facebook.  If I catch someone repeatedly violating copyright on the Facebook Group Needlepoint Nation, they are removed from the group permanently and also blocked from viewing the group.   Many folks don't realize that copying items from a book or guide (or taking photos of a diagram on your phone from a shop's books) is stealing.  But it is.  If you want to pay more for books and guides or want to risk banishment from Needlepoint Nation and being whispered about among the guide writers, handing out copies of something you bought is a good way to achieve that.  The stitch guide writers especially are my friends and colleagues and I will do my best to protect their businesses.

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