Podcasts and Videos about Needlepoint

There have been two podcasts about needlepoint over the years and now with the pandemic making shops get creative to inspire customers, there are videos available on YouTube and other platforms as well.  I'm going to list them here.

Also see the Interviews tab for interviews I've done here on Blog.  There are a lot of fascinating people in the world of needlepoint!


Gone Stitching had the first needlepoint podcast but it's no longer available from what I can see.  Still, thank you for leading the way!

The other podcast that talks about needlepoint (but not exclusively needlepoint) is Fiber Talk.  Right now Gary and whomever he can charm into helping him has a new audio for you about three times a week.  Do a little browsing and see what catches your eye.

The dynamic due of Michelle of the Wool and the Floss and Megan of Needlepoint Clubhouse have been doing a Saturday video (now twice a week) called Pointing It Out.  They talk about needlepoint in general and also interview designers and other needlepoint notables there.

Megan of Needlepoint Clubhouse is starting to answer questions each Monday on her shop Facebook page.

She's also posting videos on the NP Clubhouse Instagram account.  Often Michelle of the Wool and the Floss joins in.

The Needlepointer has started a Friday video talk that you can access each week.  They are hosted on their Facebook page so you can go back and listen to videos you missed.  I think you can listen to these whether or not you have a Facebook account but you probably will have to get through Facebook's "Want to log in" message first.

Creative Stitches and Gifts in Texas is doing a series of short videos on Facebook that feature local designers.  Currently the interviews include Patricia Sone, Raymond Crawford and Carol Six.

Serendipity Needlepoint has Needlepoint TV on YouTube starring Ekken Johnson.

Rittenhouse has a video channel on YouTube with a section for beginners, tips from Russell, shop tours, and "The Expert Series" which is all about various thread types and brands.

Needlepoint.com has a wonderful YouTube channel full of stitching and finishing advice and demonstrations of various needlepoint stitches.

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