Thursday, May 10, 2012

Woodlawn Exhibit About to Open

The 2012 Woodlawn Plantation Needlework Exhibit opens Saturday, May 12. The judging has already been done, as this article in the Patch shows.  Once you read the article, click on the photo for a slide show of the judging underway.  Many thanks to Tara for posting this link on Facebook!

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Needlepoint for the Politics Junkie

I know you are out there, political junkies. You follow elections like some folks follow sports.  With the Presidential elections coming up in the fall, you aren't hiding from the pollsters, avoiding the ads or ignoring the pundits.  You are critiquing them.  This is your Super Bowl.

So I have some needlepoint for you.  If you are too busy campaigning to stitch yourself, support the New Hampshire Historical Society by buying one of their Democratic/Republican dog collars, or pick up a Smathers and Branson belt to wear yourself.

If you want to stitch your own belt, CanvasWorks has both the Republican and Democratic version.  Susan Roberts also has party affiliation belts but I can't find any images online.  Sorry.

CanvasWorks also has decorative elephant and donkey canvases that are more subtle but still allow you to show off your political affiliation.

If you need something quick and easy to stitch while watching the conventions, Painted Pony has simple graphic elephants and donkeys.  (Please note that are non-partisan patriotic patterns available from Painted Pony as well.)

There are stitch guides for these designs, too!

If you have a mixed marriage, how about a Stars and Stripes tic tac toe game board?

Carolyn Hedge Baird taught a class with political animals for Chaparral.  These might still be available as a kit but you'll have to ask.

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Gossip Central

With so many shops and designers having websites and blogs now, we get to know all the folks who cater to our stitching whims.   Here's a round up of the latest from our favorite folks.  Barbara Bergsten Designs just had another Lilly Pulitzer stitching day. This is their fifth stitch in, using Barbara's vibrant and happy colors to stitch her shift dress design. The second link shows the design they stitched.

Kelly Clark has started work on her next seasonal crazy quilt needlepoint design.  There are lots of interesting touches on this one already.

Tricia Nguyen reports that her Cabinet of Curiosities class (a two part class about the 17th Century embroidered boxes and how to make one yourself) has begun.  Even better news for those who regret not signing up is that Tricia has been able to obtain a promise of supplies for a second round of classes.  Here are the details.

Needlepoint Etc. in Hawaii reports that the building the shop is in has been sold, and plans for a move are in motion.  In preparation, thread inventory has to be reduced so for the month of May certain brands are forty percent off.  This is for in stock items only.  Here are the details.  The link to the shop website is on the right if you need contact information.

Sadly, Needle Nicely reports that Petei is now officially retired as of the end of April.  Since no one has bought the line yet (keep your fingers crossed!), Mary Agnes is showing off the few remaining Petei designs she has in the shop.  Even more sadly, Petei's retirement is due to ill health.  We will all keep her and her family and friends in our prayers.  The loss of a Petei canvas we crave is nothing compared to the loss of a designer due to health issues.

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