Monday, December 5, 2011

Scarab Rings Under Glass

Scarab Rings Canvas by dede Odgen
Once the cat topiary garden was finished, it was time to turn my attention to the last Christmas present I need to stitch for the year--a dede Odgen canvas that depicts an Egyptian scarab ring from the top and side. The design measures 4.75 inches by 2.75 inches and is on 18 count navy NP canvas.  It is a very pretty thing and perfect for the granddaughter who loves Egyptian history.

Sudberry Jewelry Box
But I have a problem--this canvas is intended for a jewelry box lid.  Here's the box, a discontinued Sudberry design.  See the lid?  It is covered in heavy glass.  When I pried the backing off the underside of the lid, I discovered that there is very little clearance.  My usual tricks of beads and fancy stitches won't work here.  I have to have a very flat surface on top of my canvas so that I can insert it and a piece of gold tissue lame behind it.

I see a lot of tent stitches in my immediate future!

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Have You Ever Seen Anything So Beautiful?

Skeins of High Cotton
This arrived in the mail this week.   Am I lucky or what?!!?

Those reds and golds just glow!  And those pinks!!!
Here is a closeup so you can see the gorgeous colors better.  No photo can capture the colors well, plus it was very dark and dreary when I took the photos, hoping to avoid reflections from the protective covering.  I'm not taking them out of the bag yet.  These threads, all High Cotton skeins from Hyla Hurley at Point of It All Designs, are for a project down the road.

The Periwinkle skeins on the left are background threads for my project.
Here's another closeup.  I won't even open them until January sometime.  I don't want to be distracted from the stitching I need to accomplish before Christmas.  But I wanted you to see the wonderful stuff.  Some of the colors will premiere at the January TNNA trade show but Hyla says they aren't a state secret and I can show them to you.

High Cotton is a five ply cotton thread.  Each ply is a little crinkled when you pull it out of the skein so it has a slight texture.  In the skein the threads look slightly matte but if you use them in long stitches, you get a slight reflection, sort of like what carefully laid DMC cotton floss gives you.  Each ply of High Cotton is slightly thicker than one ply of DMC or Anchor cotton floss.  One strand of High Cotton should cover 13 count canvas nicely.  I normally work on 18 count needlepoint canvas, though, so I usually pull out individual plies for stitching, using 2-4 depending on what stitch I'm using.

The color card (with real snippets of the thread) shows 141 shades but at my last count, there were 162 glorious colors available.  I'm particularly impressed by all the shades of greens and blues but there are plenty of reds shading into pink and beautiful yellows.

You can see more of the new colors on Facebook. Peacock Alley in Michigan has posted photos on their shop page. Hopefully you can see the page whether you have a Facebook account or not.

I just love this thread.  Thank you, Hyla!  I do appreciate your sending these for that colorful project I will start shortly.  The rest of you, stay tuned. I'll reveal all once I recover from the holidays.  Just imagine what sort of project uses all these colors....

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