Sunday, March 28, 2010

Throwing Rocks, Making Ripples

I am sure you have heard the debate about patronizing local needlework shops versus spending money online or in the big box craft stores to buy supplies we need for our stitching at a better price.   You have never heard it described this way, though.  Before you head off to read the article in the link below, the Thistle Threads blog is written by Tricia Wilson Nguyen and all the other folks deeply involved in recreating a17th Century embroidered jacket they have named Faith.  Recently Tricia has been talking about the costs of mounting a museum exhibit, how publishing a book about needlework is done,  and other topics about the business of needlework and museums.  It's a fascinating discussion.  If you want to start reading other articles about this topic, click on the header title to go to Home, then look for the March 18, 19 and then 23rd blog articles.

Every time I mention a new tool, book or thread, talk about some of the lovely designs I've seen here and there, every time I add to my Master Enabler points,  I am sending ripples out into the stitching world, ripples you see and react to as we all bob on the ocean called the Internet.  Hopefully the shops, tool and thread manufacturers, teachers, designers and writers feel the ripples I have made and benefit from them.

Now go make some ripples of your own....

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