Monday, April 8, 2019

Beep Beep (Spring Mystery Class from Ruth Schmuff)

Ruth's spring mystery class for 2019 features a darling Southwestern roadrunner from Dominic Bourbeau at Tapestry Fair.  The first class is the end of April.  Long distance students will get their lessons in the mail after each in person class or at the end, depending on their preference.  I'll update this article as Ruth shows off progress in each lesson.


The first lesson of Beep Beep shows the eye and beak.  Ruth even posts a video about how to do the crescent stitch beak.

The bird has a tummy and there is cactus!

Now there are mountains and the road—all done in a family of stitches where stitching order is important for the overall look.

The final touches plus the sky.

Here are two finished versions, framed in similar ways with different colors of the mats.

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