Friday, December 9, 2016

A Shot of Color for a Dreary Day

I write Blog articles ahead of time, mostly about three-four weeks before they will publish.  Therefore I don't really know if today's going to be dreary but hey!--it's December!  Everyone needs a shot of color and fun finishing in December, right?  Therefore I'm reviving Finishing Friday as a special treat.  First, let's see what Ruth Schmuff's students have done with their mermaids from Lulu My Pink Turtle....

The design is called La Sirena and it was a mystery class from Bedecked and Beaddazzled last summer.  You can pick up the class kit from Ruth any time you need a mermaid (and mer-cat) in your life.

Our other shot of fabulousness is from Suzie Vallerie at Enriched Stitch.  This is a Kate Dickerson piece called "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun."  This also was a class at Suzie's shop.  She just got it back from the framer.

If you want to play with ribbons, the kit is also available.

Now, don't you feel better?

Hugs from Chilly Hollow!

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