Saturday, August 11, 2018

Hearts for Hospice UPDATED

The Kansas City ANG chapter has a philanthropic project called Hearts for Hospice and are looking for stitchers to help.   This is how it works—

"The members of Greater Kansas City Needlepoint Guild initiated a project in 2015 to fulfill a need at a local hospice center. When a resident passes away, a heart is placed on the door which notifies those passing by to be respectful of others who are mourning the death of a loved one. The heart is then taken home by a family member as a remembrance of the care their loved one received while at the center."

Finishing is provided by the local chapter.   If you are interested, here's how you can contribute. 

Update:  Anne of ABS Designs has stitched for the group.  Here is Anne's first heart and it's a beauty.

Here is her second, equally lovely.

And the third is another pretty little thing!

Melita's local ANG chapter has also stitched for the group.

Melita shares places to find more Hearts for Hospice designs.

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