Sunday, March 15, 2020

Threadaholic Alert: Overdyed Floche

One side of Threedle's Christmas 2015 Ornament
I've been stitching with overdyed floche on my current project, one of Threedles' annual Christmas ornaments.  You can see it above.  The mirror image crescents flanking each point of the diamond-shaped center are Ravishing Raspberry #115 overdyed floche from Bedecked and Beadazzled.

Regular floche comes from DMC.  One strand nearly the size of two plies of DMC cotton floss.  Mary Corbet has a lovely review of regular non-overdyed floche here.

I'm eyeing the teal-purple mix that Colour Complements creates for the next side of my ornament.  I think it would look smashing on the aquamarine background.  But of course Lorraine at Colour Complements does lots of pretty colors.  The orange would also be amazing on my aquamarine canvas.

Overdyed Floche and Cotton Floss from Colour Complements

UPDATE:  The teal and purple floche has arrived (there's a skein of Colour Complement's overdyed cotton floss in lime and turquoise in the above photo, too).  I forgot to tell you that the overdyed floss from Bedecked and Beadazzled and the overdyed floss from Colour Complements come in skeins of nearly the same size—28 yards for the Color Dreams' skeins from Ruth Schmuff and 3 meters (which is 27.8 yards more or less) for the Colour Complements' skeins.

Floche, whether overdyed or solid, is really lovely to stitch with in my opinion. If you like light coverage, it's very easy to use there.  If you prefer full coverage, you can get a nice smooth finish with 2-3 plies on 18 count.  It looks good next to a sparkle thread or beads, too, providing a good contrast that highlights any bling. This enables you to get away with using only a few beads if you need them but you don't like beading all that much.  I encourage you to try using this great thread the next time you need cotton on your project.

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