Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Beaded Bra

One funny byproduct of all the snow here is that I'm finding it hard to get a good scan of my canvas progress. The snow reflects the light into the room with the scanner, which effects the end result.  You'd think on an overcast day you wouldn't have this effect but this is the best photo I could get of the finished beaded bra.

For those of you who thought the background too dark, I like it but if I decided I agreed with you, I would probably not pull out all those stitches.  Instead, I'd probably put another row of tent stitches on top of the cross stitches that make up the leaping deer, using my light ecru Burmilana that is used in the t-stitch background around the deer.  Sometimes you can avoid ripping out by adding more thread.

I have started the leaping deer background around the tap pants.  This time they are all tent stitched.  I'll go back and top stitch a \ to make a cross stitch once the deer are in place, using either my Medici that I'm running out of or the Burmilana that is a close match.  The thread change won't be noticable that way.

Another foot of snow is expected starting this afternoon which means we will have four feet of snow covering the hillside driveway.  I expect to be trapped here again for at least a week and almost certainly nearly two.  One would need a front loader to clear the driveway of that much snow.

Well, I am probably going to get a lot of stitching done!

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