Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Pepperpot Skin Again

Seeing Stars Santa with Pepperpot Face

Last November I showed off my new set of Pepperpot Silk skeins in various skin tones.

I finally got around to stitching a face with it.  Above is Leigh Design's Seeing Stars Santa from her Seashore Santa series.  As you can see, my tent stitches aren't totally even in this extreme closeup but if your stitch tension is tighter than mine and you really like Pepperpot Silk, the colors are lovely and good matches to certain skin tones.  I normally use 2 plies of silk floss for faces so I am not used to pulling threads tight as you can see.

I used Pepperpot's "Baked Alaska" for Santa's skin and "Cotton Candy" for his pink cheeks.  Cotton Candy isn't one of the skin tone set; Baked Alaska is.  Pepperpot Silks come in a huge range of tans so I think you could pick darker shades for the person you are stitching if they are not particularly fair.

This is a thread well worth adding to your stash.  I like my Santa's face and will use this again the next time I stitch a person.

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