Sunday, January 14, 2018

Threadaholic Alert: Pashmina from Gloriana

Gloriana's new Pashmina thread is becoming more widely available so I thought I'd post some photos.   This is a four-stranded blend of silk and cashmere as you can see in this closeup photograph. I understand with care you can split each of the four plies in half to have eight plies, but I don't know how many plies will work on 18 count.  I would start with two and see how it works up as a lot will depend on the stitch used and your personal stitch tension.

Needle in a Haystack has photos of most of the colors (Pashmina isn't on the Gloriana website yet).  Note that these are overdyes, so there will be some color variation in the skein.

Rittenhouse appears to have photos of all the colors up on their website.  You have to choose a color and click to see a better photo.

The prices vary greatly among all three sites but not all the skeins being sold are the same size and Traditional Stitches is a Canadian shop.  I am looking forward to my favorite shop getting some of this in stock so I can try it.  I love Gloriana's colors.

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