Thursday, December 24, 2009

Choosing a Border Part Two

I'm still dithering over a border for O'jishi.  I like the faux bamboo border but it isn't an overwhelming favorite for me or for Blog readers (see yesterday's comments) so I'm still testing ideas.  Above you see yesterday's which uses a variation of Staggered Diagonal Slanted Stitch (from page 21 of A Background Stitch Reference Book from the Golden Gate Canvas Workers Chapter of ANG).  This stitch is just three slanted long stitches over 5 threads.  The first set nestles against the background, then the second set drops down a thread.  Alternate the sets of three stitches (up and down) along the border, then fill in the empty area with tent stitches.  I thought I'd use four plies of my tan Mandarin floss from the background for the staggered slanted diagonals, then fill in the groups of tent stitches with the darker brown from the background, alternating with the milk chocolate/silver Kreinik metallic and some of the medium coral color.  I'll do a bit more today and we'll see what it looks like.

I'm afraid this isn't a home run either but we'll see.  I may have another idea today while shoveling snow or recovering from shoveling snow by browsing my stitch dictionaries....

By the way, thanks for all the input yesterday.  It helped clarify my ideas about the problems with the faux bamboo border and that I do need a touch of coral in the border.

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