Wednesday, September 12, 2018

New Tools

This week shops have highlighted new tools they sell and I thought you might be interested. The first item is a storage box that Homestead sells. It has little dividers that can be moved around to make room for whatever you want inside.  This is called the Poke-a-Dot Organizer and Homestead can special order black instead of clear plastic if you prefer a solid color.

Silver Needle has two new styles of needle threader and they are both cute.  The lady bug needle threader has a small light to help you see the needle's eye as you thread up.  The bird is smaller and  has the wire threader which is covered with a plastic "beak" when not in use.  The bird also has a tiny thread cutter.  These are useful and fun and because they are inexpensive, they would make nice gifts for other stitchers you know.

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