Saturday, November 16, 2019

Ok, Now That I've Stitched This, What Do I Do With It?

The traditional uses of needlepoint were wall hangings, table covers and upholstry. These days we mostly make pillows and pictures, but that's far from the only thing you can have needlepoint finished into.  Needlepoint Now magazine has some great ideas for using your finished needlepoint projects.

If you have plenty of cash, how about a needlepoint purse or belt from Chuck Pinnell?  It will take a while but you'll have a heirloom to use for a very very long time.

Not made of money?  Hilltop Leather will do a fabulous belt or keychain for you that won't cost the earth.

Want to do the finishing yourself?  This online store has a great variety of leather goods that are self finishing.  You can make a box, wallet, credit card holder, tissue box, purse, luggage tag, key chain, coasters, cosmetic bag, jewelry container, ornaments, and much much more.  Stitch your canvas, trim it close to the stitching and pop it into the item!

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