Friday, February 11, 2011

Help! Gold Fish Needs Water! UPDATED

Empress Silk #29
Carol has decided she wants to use two threads for the background of her Lillian Chermor Gold Fish, her Cire nylon floss and her Empress Silk.  However, Empress Silk is discontinued and she doesn't have enough of it to cover all of the background.  Anyone have any of Needle Necessities' Empress Silk #29 in their stash?  Help!

I have a skein of #31 which is a lighter shade but Carol really wants more #29.  If you have any in your stash, please let me know and I'll pass your contact information on to Carol.  UPDATE:  Carol wanted me to add that she will gladly reimburse anyone for the Empress #29 and postage costs.  Please email me at chilly hollow at hotmaildot com if you have a skein or two and I'll put you in touch with Carol.

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New Things Again

There are more new things appearing here and there on the Internet for our viewing (and stitching) pleasure.  Betsy Morgan of Willing Hands is going to publish charts for retired teaching designs. The counted thread crowd are cheering at this news. Betsy does wonderful work.  Here are photos.  Keep an eye on her blog for the announcement when the charts will be ready.

Fans of Tony Minieri's Stars for the New Millennium will be pleased to see what Donna has done on her version.

Speaking of stars, Laura Perin has a new star quilt pattern available and also she showcases some old favorites on her blog.

If you are stitching the 2011 Stitch of the Month project from Ro Pace, you'll want to read what Sara Leigh has to say about the J. L. Walsh silk perle basis of this piece.  Thanks for the clarification, SL!

Finally, for the painted canvas fan, Ruth Schmuff is showing some of her new Flirty Girl patterns on her blog.

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The Stylish Needle Container

As part of this week's Japan's Hari-kuyo Festival, Susan decided it was time to honor her needles by making herself a needle book with felt pages to keep her needles in.  The last two articles on her blog (dated Feb. 8-9, 2011 if you are late to the party) are all about her new needle book which is fabulous!

Speaking of needles and storage, Ridgewood Needlepoint has a new batch of the fun Zecca needle vials in stock.  Suddenly my old pill bottle full of discarded tarnished or bent or broken needles looks a bit shabby.  Surely my cherished tools need a better place to rest in preparation for the 2012 Hari-Kuyo ceremony!

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