Thursday, October 23, 2014

TNNA 2014 San Diego

This trade show is scheduled for January 11-14, 2014 in San Diego. As always, the latest postings are on top. I'm also including the cross stitch show in Nashville in mid-February here as some counted canvaswork designers go to that.

By the way, more and more designers (of both painted and counted designs which I've highlighted in red below) are posting new things on their Facebook page. If you don't have an account, you might not be able to see what I linked to below. Sorry!


Painters Threads from Tentakulum in Germany has a new item--metallic twist, which is 18 strands of various metallics twisted together and then dyed in the Painters Threads colors.

Bargello lovers rejoice! Liz Morrow has finished the third piece in her Nature series. Sky is complete! You can see all three of the pieces on her website and she promises that the charts will be available for sale after the pilot stitchers test drive them for LizArt.

Enriched Stitch and Baltimore Needleworks have teamed for an Elf on the Shelf type design. Kristine painted the canvas and Suzie came up with a guide. You can pick up the kit at Enriched Stitch.

DebBee's Designs talks about Market.

The newest designs are up on the J. Malahy Designs website. I just love the Kokeshi dolls!

Ruth Schmuff has announced a new designer in her stable--the cross stitch designer Amy Bruecken. Not to worry, Ruth is turning her XS pieces into small fun painted canvases. You can see more of Amy's work in the second link to Ruth's website.

Counted Canvaswork Alert! Laura Perin is working on a new flower collage. This one seems to be based on azaleas. . Here's a sneak peak. I think this is lovely.

Labors of Love has started designing dog canvases on patterned backgrounds. The first two were custom. You can see Amy Bunger's poodle Baxter here and Labors of Love's dog Henry at the second link. More to come!

Orna Willis has added new thread color combos and Ultrasuede scrap collections to her Etsy store. Pardon me while I go drool over the Ultrasuede and the pretty colors....

Quail Run (the shop, not the designer) has updated their website.

Kimberly has another card design translated into needlepoint. This hearts and flowers piece is called Flower Power and it has PUNCH!

Orna Willis has added photos of her new design "Legacy" to her blog. You can see all the various color ways, too!

EyeCandy has updated their online catalogue to show off all their newest designs. Have fun browsing here.

Pocket Full of Stitches just received new Needle Crossings and Rebecca Wood pieces from the trade show, including the My Favorite Things ornaments, all of which have stitch guides.

A. Bradley Needle Arts has updated their website. Lots of goodies are now on view!

Hands on Designs just posted another of their new counted canvaswork pieces from the Nashville Market on Facebook. It is called Quilt Squared III and there are three versions. Use the right arrow to see more.

DebBee Designs has a charming story of how their newest design, "Hippity Hoppity," was born.

Nenah Stone Needlepoint Designs just posted their newest Halloween cat design on their FB page. You are going to love this!

I just discovered the "Retro Modern" designs from the British designer Emily Peacock. It's 1971 all over again! These designs are printed.

Needlework Retailer posted a slide show of the exhibitors at the Nashville Market on YouTube.

Janet Perry describes some new items that came out at the Nashville Market.

Ruth Schmuff just announced new EyeCandy designs from Ada Hayden. There are Texas themes and bird themes, all full of Ada's wonderful graphic punch with heart. Follow the link to bring one of these babies home.

DebBee's Designs has a special report from the Nashville Market!

Patty Paints has updated her website with her new "Burlap Stars" series. They are elegantly stitched in Rainbow Gallery Linen and Fyreworks for maximum contrast and shine.

Barbara Bergsten shares her new pink and green shift designs, a perfect antidote to winter!

Amanda Lawford's website is being updated with new designs. Her DC Designs section is already updated and has new 13 count nineteen inch stockings now.

Pocket Full of Stitches has new canvases from Patti Mann, Sandra Gilmore and Kate Dickerson.

Nimble Needle posted their new designs on their blog. There's something for everyone as they specialize in the unique and wonderful!

Marie Barber has updated the Colors of Praise website with new canvases for 2014. Love that white fox!

Nashville Needleworks has updated their Facebook page with photos from the Nashville Market.

Pocket Full of Stitches has received more new canvases from Market. Please enjoy the colors from A Collection of Designs, DC Designs' classics, and the self-finishing pillows from Voila!

Carol Eix has created new woodland critters Snap Trays for Bedecked and Beaddazzled.

Debbie Rowley just posted a photo of her new Royal Garden counted piece on her Facebook page. This is brand new from DebBee's Designs and being introduced at the Nashville Market.

There's a new Needle Delights Originals piece out! It is called "Stained Glass Stars" and it is really pretty. Counted canvas works fans will love this.

Accoutrement Designs is releasing two new Mag Friend magnets at the Nashville counted cross stitch show-a regal lion and a pretty red tulip.

Kurdy Biggs just updated her Threedles Designs website with a new piece called "Butterfly Effect."

Vicky found a few more photos from Market. Enjoy the Sew Much Fun carolers, zebra, flower turtle and the Army pair. Vicki also shows off the cow chef from Annie Lane with her white apron and wooden spoons.

Stitches from the Heart brags about Stacy Connor's new designs. They are lovely!

The Needle Bug in Montgomery is also getting in new canvases all the time and putting up photos on their FB page.

The Needleworks is getting in new canvases from Market now, and updating their What's New section as fast as possible.

Ridgewood has new ocean-themed and farm-themed canvases in the shop.

Needle Deeva has updated their website with new designs, including lots of fun florals, hearts, those cute bunnies with Easter egg tummies, and more.

Orna Willis is putting PDF versions of some of her patterns on sale on her Etsy site. Have fun browsing!

Eye Candy has posted a photo of Floral Fantasy, a floral collage canvas that I think is brand new. It's very pretty and in warm colors, making it the perfect antidote to winter.

Ridgewood just received a shipment of animal-themed canvases they ordered at Market!

Needle Nicely has new snap trays. They are so pretty! Makes me think of spring. I love the new canvases, too, but the silly Ginger and Edie retirement frog is a personal favorite. It just makes me laugh!

Pocket Full of Stitches has more new canvases in the shop. This time the mailman brought Gone Stitching and The Studio MidWest. Batman outfit anyone? It comes with a cape....

The most popular new canvases from Alice Peterson have been posted on Cathy Rapoza's FB page. Enjoy!

It's Winter! It's Christmas! It's Halloween! No, Vicky DeAngelis isn't confused--she's showing off various canvases she fell for at Market.

BeStitched shows off the Zecca insect collection, small squares of color featuring the bugs that live all around us. I had only seen (and liked very much) their spider, but you may love the lady bug, or the luna moth (these live in Chilly Hollow and I am lucky enough to see one every year or so), or the honeybee or the dragonfly may be your favorites.

TNNA has updated their website with plenty of photos from the Winter 2014 show in San Diego. Most of the photos are labeled so you know who you are seeing.

Quail Run has posted new totes, scissors and a few new canvases on their blog, plus they have the new book from Carole and Michael

In Stitches shows off some of their new magnets and a Valentine canvas. They are mostly knitting and counted thread, but they do have a lovely selection of painted canvases and tons of great tools.

BeStitched is showing off the new Ginny Diezel/Maggie dog canvases on their blog. Very cute!

The Canvasback Needlepoint Shop has also added photos of new goodies to their FB page.

Needlepointing in Your Nest has added a lot of photos of new canvases to their FB page.

Po's Point Needlepoint has added photos of new Kate Dickinson designs to their FB page. Love the Chinese pagoda initial piece!

Pocket Full of Stitches has new threads, new scissors, new magnets and new t-shirts! (Plus a favorite Tapestry Tent stocking back in stock.)

Ridgewood has new canvases, too. They never identify the designer but I think I see designs from The Point of It All, Lee, Colors of Praise, and Kathy Schenkel. There are many designs I have not seen before.

More new canvases are arriving at Pocket Full of Stitches: Melissa Shirley (those little Christmas packages are cute!), Princess and Me canvases, Strictly Christmas ornaments and Sundance hearts.

Melissa Prince Designs just posted a great CPA canvas on their FB page.

The Needle Bug is posting great photos of the Princess and Me models for new designs on their FB page.

Vicky DeAngelis profiles bird canvases from Market. Tweet!

Pocket Full of Stitches has more new canvases: Annie Lane, Julie Mar, Patt and Lee, plus Hiliary Jean. Not all of these are brand new but they are all fun.

Susan Roberts Needlepoint has posted an ad showing two of the new Janice Gaynor animal designs on their FB page.

Needlepointing in Your Nest has added photos of new canvases arriving at Chaparral to their FB page.

Pocket Full of Stitches has new canvases in the shop! Today's fun includes painted canvases from Ann Wheat Pace (many with stitch guides), Lee and Needle Deeva.

PFOS also has photos of the newest thread colors plus a few new charms, laying tools, and the new Carole & Michael book.

Eye Candy's new ladybug canvas is darling, and it's not what you expect. It's called "Summer Ladybug Star." Hope this cheerful piece brings us all better weather!

Needle in a Haystack has their new Puffin tools and they are charming!

Tisha of Needlepoint Tool Time has another video, this time staring the designs of Ewe and Eye, Maggie, and Lisa Krause. It's posted on Facebook so I hope those without a FB account can see this as it shows off Maggie's new Gourd Lady, a custom table for Maggie canvases by Lisa, etc.

The French Knot has added two photos of Christmas trees from Winnetka to their FB page. These are really cute. One tree has tiny birdhouses while the other has birds, cardinals and another I can't identify.

Rogue Needlepoint has added a line of pop icons to their designs. Check their FB page and their website (second link) which shows them all.

Peacock Alley Needlepoint added photos of some of the newest CBK designs to their FB page. There are animals in Santa hats, a darling baby elephant, and more.

Po's Point Needlepoint has posted a lovely new floral canvas from Kate Dickerson on their FB page.

Painted Pony Designs Needlepoint has added a photo album of all their new angels for 2014 to their FB page.

Vicky shows us the new threads that appeared at Market. Some are brand new, some are replacements for discontinued color numbers, and some are new colors in our favorites. Thread manufacturers, we love you!

PROS also has a new shipment of designs from Cooper Oaks, dede Odgen, Susan Roberts, and Zecca.

Pocket Full of Stitches has new magnets and needle minders in the shop, plus a few scissors accessories and cute needle threaders.

Enriched Stitch has new canvases from Sandra Gilmore (Once in a Blue Moon), Machelle Somerville and Janet Watson.

Pocket Full of Stitches has added photos of new items to their website. These include baby things from Lani, new plant designs from Machelle Somerville and Kelly Clark Christmas ornaments and a snowman.

Dragonflylotus Designs has new needle minders. Many of these are limited editions, so if you fall in love, don't hesitate to buy now.

Park Avenue Needlepoint updated their FB photo album called New Canvases 2014 with lots of new canvases.

Fleur de Paris has updated their FB photo albums with photos of Sandra Gilmore's new canvases and dede Odgen's new canvases and some from Joy Juarez, too.

Nashville Needleworks has updated their FB page with photos of Kelly Clark and some models from her TNNA booth.

Louise's Needlework has updated their "New January 2014" photo album with new items.

Pocket Full of Stitches has more new canvases, this time florals and more from Amanda Lawford and DC Designs, plus a Machelle Somerville and a few Needle Crossing doors.

Here's a sneak peak at DebBee's newest design, which needs a name. And it has one! (second link)

Needle Nicely is starting to get their new canvases, too. If you have ever wanted to see a golfing alligator, this is the place! has posted a new Amanda Lawford bluebird canvas on their FB page.

Pocket Full of Stitches is having fun with their daily mail deliveries. Today they opened boxes from Birds of a Feather, Kirk and Bradley and The Point of It All Designs.

Shops are starting to get in their new orders from the San Diego Market. got a wonderful realistic fox piece from Susan Roberts and...

The Point of It All has new Jean Smith florals.

Chandail has a brand new exclusive Sacred Heart design from Ann Wheat Pace. It comes with a Cynthia Thomas stitch guide and can be seen about half way through their newsletter.

Vicky talks colorful floral canvases and scissors on her latest TNNA report.

Kelly Clark has updated her website with new designs. Watch the home page slideshows to see finished models, then click on "What's New" in the left hand column.

Peacock Alley Needlepoint has added photos of the new Machelle Somerville canvases to their FB page. There is a snowman, florals, music notes and an African piece.

Needlepointing in Your Nest has updated their Facebook photo album with more Market photos. You'll see Kelly Clark's witch all beautifully stitched by Kelly herself, the new Leigh Designs Manor models, the Japanese Tea House Leigh picked just the right frame and mat for, and some very cute models from Princess and Me, including Nativity and Halloween sets.

Vicky DeAngelis works at Needlepoint Now magazine so she gives us an exclusive look at their booth at the show. Check out the canvas with the snowman. Bet it turns up in the magazine! The Stella light looks amazing as well. Want one with a magnifier!

Forgot to post my own thoughts about TNNA's Winter 2014 show here. Sorry!

JP Needlepoint is posting photos from the trade show on their FB page. Use the arrows on both left and right to browse as more are being added as I type this.

Susan Roberts Designs has added a photo of new Christmas stockings to their FB page.

Sundance added photos on Facebook of their Market booth. Don't miss the gypsy canvases from Barbara Elmore!

Needlepointing in Your Nest has updated their Facebook "TNNA Winter Market 2014" photo album. There are plenty of shots of A Collection of Designs' Christmas models, fun Halloween pieces from Dreamhouse Ventures plus fish and a Navajo piece, several amazing Colors of Praise large designs, Fiori/Joan Eideman's hearts and her saint pieces at the Dreamhouse booth,

Melissa Shirley Designs has posted photos of new Easter egg and spring designs on their FB page.

Vicky shows off the new Maggie Garden canvas with matching frame (both designed by Lisa Krause) and the Sundance Flower Market piece with its smaller designs taught by Laura Taylor at Market.

Kreinik Manufacturing Company has posted a photo album called TNNA San Diego Trade Show on their FB page. It has lots of photos of Kreinik threads, the Premax scissors from Italy, and various designers' models who used their threads to great effect. Fun browse! Check out Joan Eideman's Bishop Santas; the robot from Barbi Sherman; Sew Much Fun's row of snowmen and Santa and reindeer, and a penguin plus several of their 3-D animals (love the poodle!); one of Melissa Shirley's beautiful birds a butterfly and a bee hive still life; Kelly Clark with her trees and more from Kathy Schenkel, Cheryl Schaeffer (wait'll you see her red headed mermaid!); Jill's Laurel Burch swan lady with fabulous florals; another mermaid from Danji; and Waterweave's bugs pillow. Thanks, Doug!

Barbara's Needlepoint has posted a new cupid ornament from Cindy on their Facebook page. Cute!

Susan Roberts Needlepoint has posted the photo of their very popular Santa riding a panda bear pulling a sleigh on their Facebook page. They also say their website is starting to be updated (second link).

Needlework Retailer has posted lots of photos from their trade show on their Facebook page. Some people and booths are labels and some aren't but it is fun to see all the designers and shop owners at work and play. I saw Kelly Clark, Leigh Richard of Leigh Designs and Hyla Hurley of The Point of It All. See who you can identify!

The Nimble Needle-Atlanta has added a photo of the new Zecca pin cushion design model on their FB page.

Park Avenue Needlepoint shares a photo of the Labor of Love double-sided bird models from their Market booth.

Kate Dickerson/KSH Needlepoint Collections has updated their Facebook page with photos of their designs and booth from market. Don't miss the Pucci inspired backgammon board.

Pocket Full of Stitches has added photos of the new Princess and Me canvases they have ordered. Then they added more photos of a lot of things.

Vicky DeAngelis profiles the work of the new needlepoint designer Scott Church who is distributed by CBK Designs.

If you want to see lots of new designs, you need to revisit Needle Works' blog. There is a photo album there on the right with lots and lots and lots of photos of new painted canvases. The direct link is below. I suggest you click on the first image and then use the arrows to navigate.

Ridgewood is showing off what they expect to arrive shortly as well.

BeStitched shows off a few of the new designs they have ordered.

Pajamas and Chocolate updated their FB page with three new patchwork dog designs.

Alice Vantrease Needlepoint Designs just posted a new kingfisher piece on their FB page.

Nimble Needle-Atlanta just posted two great photos of an Associated Talents scissors case. This is a new design.

The newest and coolest tools and books are arriving at Needlepoint Tool Time already!

Theresa is back at Homestead Needle Arts with photos of some of the goodies she brought back with her. Note the Kelly Clark Fancy Nutcrackers. I didn't see them pictured anywhere else and the Kelly Clark website isn't updated yet.

Vicky DeAngelis chooses the one canvas that stood out from all the rest for her, shows off a new version of the little Tibetian prince design from HP Designs that has charmed us for years, and shows the amazing sand sculpture that was created during Market.

Barbi Sherman has updated her Barbi's Canvas Art website with the newest things. Click on the page numbers to explore the cute little hearts, the monograms and letters, plus the new robots, frame weights and colorful squares. If you like color and initials, this is the place.

Needlepointing in Your Nest has started to add Market photos to their Facebook page. Check out the new standup figures from dede Odgen called Ancestors, the animal portraits from Elizabeth Turner, and the stitched models (with guides) for Sandra Gilmore. Carolyn has also added to this photo album today, Jan. 16, so look again at the newest photos which seem mostly to be from Amanda Lawford.

Needle Nicely reports on Market.

Needle in a Haystack has the new Carole Lake and Michael Boren book for pre-order.

Ridgewood shows off new items from Market.

More Market photos from Pocket Full of Stitches, including the cover of June McKnight's new book (which isn't out until later this spring--sorry), and canvases from Mindy, Patti Mann, and Danji.

Janet Perry talks threads, tools. books and canvases at Market.

Laura Perin has put an old design back into current productions. And it is a beauty! Please welcome Snail's Trail....

Vicky DeAngelis starts off her Market report by talking about new Charley Harper designs in the works.

Chris posted new stylized rabbits from Needle Deeva on Facebook.

Ridgewood has listed their newest Market purchases on their blog.

Peacock Alley Needlepoint has posted a new Facebook album called We Heart Hearts. It's full of new and classic designs.

Ruth Schmuff does a round-up of the newest Must Haves, from fox magnets to new books from Julia Snyder and the team of Carole Lake and Michael Boren.

Here is the newest River Silks To Go Kit, displayed in a Sudberry box.

Melissa Prince Designs has added lots of beautiful new canvass to their FB page. Start here.

Do not miss the Melissa Prince rabbit ornament with its beaded leaves. There are a lot of small rabbit canvases, some with models, but this one is my favorite.

Enriched Stitch has added a page to their blog called Market 2014 showing the new things they've ordered.

Po's Point Needlepoint shows off four photos of the Clara Wells snap bracelets.

Fleur de Paris posted two photos of dede Odgen canvases on their FB page. Them Bones Bear wears a skeleton outfit while the second photo shows all sorts of small Halloween canvases with models.

A beautiful crane canvas from The Point Of It All Designs.

Timothy Lynch is now exploring the Unique New Zealand booth, both canvases and belt buckles. Do spiders wear pants and need belts?

Needle in a Haystack has been to a LOT of TNNA shows!

Village Needleworks likes this new CBK artist.

Needlepointing in Your Nest has posted nice photos of some of the newest Melissa Shirley designs on their FB page. Love the mermaid!

One more set of photos from Pocket Full of Stitches: small fun pieces from a Collection of Designs, cute sayings from Point of It All Designs and a pet shop window stocking from Strictly Christmas for those of us who want a new pet.

Park Avenue Needlepoint posted photos of models from Sample It! on their FB page. They aren't labeled but it is fun to guess the designer.

Raymond Crawford Designs posted photos of the Market booth (lots of his designs!) on his FB page.

What's the Point? Needlepoint has added to their (2) More Market 2014! photo album on their FB page. The photos include the Labors of Love clip on forest animals, a lovely Just Libby Christmas tree, a Colors of Praise bird, wonderful cupcakes from Artists Collection, Alice Peterson, wonderful Waterweave pillows of dogs and a snowman, and more!

The Stitching Studio and Gift Boutique has added a new photo album called Market-January 2014 to their FB account. Danji's Candy Cane Santas, Annie Lane animals, Petei Santas, a Laurel Birch woman with flowing hair and a Melissa Shirley basket are included.

Mindy posted two photos of the owl canvases from Mile High Princess to Facebook.

Po's Point Needlepoint has added three new Kathy Schenkel popsicle canvas photos to their FB page. They have also added a new photo album called Darling Danji Candy Canes to their account.

Joyce posted a new deer-Christmas tree design from The Collection on Facebook.

What's the Point? Needlepoint has added to their FB photo album called More Market 2.

The Nimble Needle-Atlanta has updated their FB page with a Charley Harper bird canvas, a bee from Amanda Lawford and several wonderful books.

The Needle Works will be heading home shortly so here's their last blog report. I think this is mostly Renaissance Designs canvases.

This is all new Lani stuff, including the cat collage along with the horse collage.

New things from Elizabeth Turner and new Rainbow Gallery thread colors plus Carole's and Michael's new Must Have book.

Enriched Stitch is home and posted their very favorite designs from Market.

Louise's Needlework has posted more photos, with plenty of stocking toppers from Strictly Christmas, gate models from BB's Needlepoint, and the new mohair blend from Planet Earth.

Nimble Needle-Atlanta loves this Colors of Praise monkey on his camel.

How about these fancy jars (jardinnaires) from Colors of Praise?

They also love the 3-D Nativity from Labors of Love, finished with easel backs.

Village Needlework spotted wonderful models at Renaissance Designs' booth and posted photos.

Cynthia Thomas posted models of the Patt and Lee Witches through Time series and Rebecca Wood's new Favorite Things ornaments, all with Cynthia's stitch guides.

Leigh Designs just updated their website with the four new Russian Santas and with their eight new mansions from the Manor Born series.

Nimble Needle-Atlanta posts some of the patchwork dogs from Patt and Lee/Pajamas and Chocolate.

Vicky DeAngelis pasted Lani's new horse collage. There is a cat collage that is similar.

Timothy Lynch continues to make the rounds. At Barbara Bergsten's booth, he loves all the beach-themed canvases.

Timothy Lynch is now at Kathy Scehnkel's booth to admire the seasonal decorations. Even a Halloween spider likes to decorate for Easter!

Needle Works has updated their blog with items from Point Of It All Designs, A Collection of Designs, Patti Mann, Mindy, and key designs from Associated Talents.

Needle Works has added a photo album to their blog. Plenty to see!

More on the Needle Works blog--Sundance, CBK, Sophia, Michelle Sommerville, JP Designs and Danji

PFOS has posted more on their blog--belts from Kristine Kingston, Renaissance Designs birds and signs, Rebecca Wood stockings, Thanksgiving pieces, fairy tale ornaments, the new Favorite Things ornaments with Cynthia Thomas stitch guides, and Whimsey and Grace large pieces and ornaments.

What's the Point? Needlepoint has added 100 or more photos to their Market 2014 photo album on Facebook. You'll see Associated Talents, Melissa Shirley, Elizabeth Turner Designs and magnets, Maggie, Kirk and Bradley, Hilary Jean, and much more.

Laura Zickus posted a new blue buttercup floral teacup design from Melissa Shirley, model stitched by Vicky DeAngelis.

The Point of It All Needlepoint Shop posted several photos of Kathy Schenkel's new circus canvases and their Easter egg wreath and Easter baskets.

The new Twelve Days of Christmas tree from Kirk and Bradley. Clever!

Julia Snyder in her market booth, holding her River Silks kit to go. It's called "Spring Has Sprung."

Cynthia Thomas shows off her model for "Chicken Soup" from Annie Lane.

Needle in a Haystack loves the heart canvases from Kate Dickerson.

Village Needleworks explores the unusual framing and display ideas from Cheryl Schaeffer and Annie Lee's booth.

Village Needleworks posts the HP lacquered boxes on display, now distributed by Amanda Lawford.

Nimble Needle-Atlanta posts Valentine models from the Dream House Ventures booth.

SharonG canvases on display at the Fleur de Paris booth.

Maggie shows off her new Friends canvas with a matching Lisa Krause frame.

Waste Knot took this Sandy Arthur class. What a hoot!

Peacock Alley shows off the four new Russian Santas from Leigh Designs.

Raymond Crawford in his booth, joking around with Amy Bunger's tote.

Timothy visits the Collection of Designs booth and hides in the wreath.

Four Needle Deeva bird houses, unstitched.

Valentine conversation heart models from Needle Deeva.

New glass Christmas ornament canvases from The Collection.

Timothy Lynch is checking out the Birds of a Feather booth models.

Julia Snyder lent Painted Pony her Petei standup Santas for the Painted Pony booth. If you use the right arrow you'll see many unstitched Petei canvases on display. Painted Pony is Petei's distributor.

Pocket Full of Stitches has added more photos to their blog. You will see painted canvases from Elizabeth Turner, Ewe and Eye, Julie Mar, Jean Smith, Maggie and Robbyn's Nest plus Viola's self finishing pillows.

Amy's Golden Strand has also updated their website with Market item photos. Note there are multiple pages here.

Chandail Needlework has added photos of new items to their website. Watch the slide show on the home page, then click on "Market" in the blue navigation bar at the top to see more photos.

These aren't new from Market (Nimble Needle is going to show off photos once Karen gets back home) but because she has such an eye for design and carries such interesting tools, I thought it belonged here.

Needle Works is back with Leigh Designs and two owl designs that I don't think are from Leigh, but Colleen doesn't say.

Needle Works is going to update their blog every couple of booths. Here's Sandra Gilmore (love that pink roses vase!) from the Fleur de Paris booth.

Pocket Full of Stitches has updated their blog with new things from And More, Birds of a Feather, Kelly Clark and Sew Much Fun.

Painted Pony just posted a photo of their booth. 25 years in business! Way to go, Debbie!

Amy's' Golden Strand has started a new photo album on FB. Go to 2014 Trade Show Floor Day 2. Photos are from Elizabeth Turner Designs, Jean Smith, Renaissance Designs, Lani, Leigh Designs, Associated Talents, and J. Child. Plus Raymond Crawford, Patti Mann, Whimsey and Grace, Lani, Dream House Ventures

Cindy Saltman posted two new photos of her 3-D Sew Much Fun zebra.

More from Needle Works!

Amy's Golden Strand has added to the 2014 Trade Show Floor Day 1 photo album on their Facebook page. There are new things from Needle Deeva (American flag) and Shelly Tribbey (love the fashionable skeletons!), a Happy Halloween Melissa Shirley sign plus a Wicked Sign I adore and a long line of snowmen, Easter eggs, small Christmas trees, florals and table top still lives, wrapped packages and the gold star Santa series, and two different Wise men pieces, all Melissa Shirley. Plus a Shelly Tribbey Wise Men standup set that is beautiful. There's more but browse for yourself. I'm running out of time this morning!

Garden Gate Needlepoint has posted a photo of the color at the Birds of a Feather booth. How on earth could I decide what to buy if I were a shop owner!?

Garden Gate Needlepoint has posted four new Lani rosebud canvases with multiple offset borders.

Garden Gate Needlepoint has posted a photo of a cheap LED table lamp that is very bright. Sorry, I can't quite make out the manufacturer's name.

The Nimble Needle-Atlanta has posted a new Kelly Clark Advent calendar of a gingerbread house.

David Russell posted a photo of Barbara Russell standing in front of some of her wonderful canvases in her booth at TNNA. Check out the large canvas of a view onto an Italian terrance just behind her.

The Needle Works posted two seahorse and two floral canvases on their FB page. I don't know the designer(s).

Nimble Needle-Atlanta posted two Annie Lane animal canvases on their FB page.

Village Needleworks posted three photos from the Cheryl Schaeffer/Annie Lee booth: a new "window" design with window frame, a dimensional chair, and one of their darling birds in a cage pieces.

Garden Gate Needlepoint also posted two photos of the Schaeffer/Lee booth on their FB page.

Maggie showed some of their new canvases hanging in their booth on FB.

Fleur de Paris posted a new Sandra Gilmore piece on FB. It is called Wild Reflection and shows a tiger resting beside water.

The French Knot has posted two Rebecca Wood pieces on FB--a Santa on the rooftop stocking and a cute ornament of a reindeer playing with a rocking horse.

Timothy is trying to remember how to play backgammon while cruising Kate Dickerson's designs. (Love the seahorse tray! I didn't know spiders play backgammon....)

Garden Gate Needlepoint has also posted photos of Kate Dickerson models of ornaments and a box from the TNNA booth.

The Nimble Needle-Atlanta posted a photo of Kathy Schenkel's new Easter baskets, each with a chocolate (white or dark) bunny.

Cindy posted photos of Sew Much Fun's new 3-D military dolls on FB.

Tisha posted a short video showing the Hug Me Bag utility tote on FB.

Deborah posted a photo of what I think is the Fleur de Paris booth at Market on FB.

Needle Works has posted more photos from Market. You'll see the new Amanda Lawford Santa and find out its inspiration, see Rebecca Wood's hilarious Where's Rudolph? stocking, see the new 3-D turtle and zebra from Sew Much Fun, admire Julie Mar's Christmas tree panels, see the new lovely and small Terry Enfield florals from Red Thread, and small at Zecca's colorful and fun designs.

Melissa Shirley has updated her website--keep scrolling. Newish and brand new are mixed up and arranged in categories so you'll miss something if you don't look at it all.

Pocket Full of Stitches has highlighted some of their favorite new (or newish) Melissa Shirley Designs.

PFOS has also posted photos of the new Painted Pony angels-karate, Christmas, chef, witch, purple queen, quilt patterns, purses, and barbecue angels.

Raymond Crawford Designs posted photos from his booth at Market on his FB page.

River Silks posted a photo of the Tapestry Fair rooster displayed with their ribbons.

Nimble Needle-Atlanta posted a photo of the Barbara Elmore Blue Bird of Happiness kit that shows off the new Sparkles and the new Glitter Ribbon from Sundance.

Vicky DeAngelis posted the Lancaster City Dog canvas from Barbara Russell.

The French Knot has posted a new pink Santa with hearts and a bunny stocking from Melissa Shirley.

Cathy Rapoza has posted photos of her booth and new designs from Barbara Fox, Gayla Elliot, By Georg, and Alice Peterson.

ABC Stitch Therapy and Stitch Therapy Needlepoint has posted photos of the ETC magnets and two paintings on their FB page.

Nashville Needleworks has posted photos of Raymond Crawford's pirate series.

The French Knot posted the Labors of Love Nativity models from their booth.

Village Needleworks posted photos of the self finishing pillows from Viola. Very pretty!

The Point of It All Needlepoint Shop has posted a photo of one of the new CBK Christmas canvases. I love the penguins carrying their Christmas tree!

Beth Burns Gilbert posted a photo of the Eat Stitch Sleep booth at Market.

What's the Point? Needlepoint posted three Valentine pink canvases from Melissa Shirley Designs--a basket with doves and two birdhouses.

The Nimble Needle-Atlanta posted photos of goodies from Sample It! on their FB page: Associated Talents' stars, colorful Christmas birds from ACOD, colorful simple pumpkins (unknown designer) and candy cane people from Danji.

Nashville Needleworks posted two photos of new Amanda Lawford pieces: a Santa with wild and domestic animals and a big Jacobean style floral.

Village Needleworks posted four photos of Mackenzie-Childs inspired designs from The Point of It All Designs. Black and white checkerboard, florals on black and a darling doll!

There is a Mackenzie-Childs style wreath as well from The Point of It All Designs (see above link).

Village also posted photos of four Maggie canvases with custom frames.

Louise's Needlework posted photos of pillow and footstool classic simple designs from a new designer--Lisa-Ann Sugimoto. Lovely!

Louise's also posted photos of a Hillary Jean custom pillow, coffee mugs, Kelly Clark's Hope model, and a dimensional Cheryl Schaeffer Christmas tree.

And Louise's posted photos from the Sundance Sparkles class they took, including a booklet on how to use it.

Vicky DeAngelis has posted a photo of a Barbara Russell canvas of a dog and two cats asleep on a quilt.

She also posted a photo of the Needlepoint Now booth and a Stella Lamp being set up.

A huge dimensional Melissa Shirley house, stitched by Aristeia, courtesy of Fleur de Paris.

Patti Mann dimensional turtle and caterpillar, courtesy of Timothy Lynch, the AT spider mascot.

New mini bracelets from Clara Wells Designs, courtesy of Timothy Lynch the spider.

Janet Burnett of A Collection of Designs has posted a photo of models in their booth at the show on FB.

Barbara Bergsten Designs has posted a photo of their booth on FB. Many pastels but we need closeups!

Cute Elizabeth Turner Collection pillow in pastels, courtesy of Timothy Lynch who is touring the booths near his at AT.

Shear Creations light bulb canvases and models.

Timothy Lynch, the spider mascot of Associated Talents, posted two photos of models in their booth on FB.

Here's the Magical Moose model from Blue Dogwood Designs.

Amy's Golden Strand has posted 100 photos from the trade show on their FB page. I'm not even going to try to describe them all. Start drooling here at "2014 Trade Show Floor Day One." There are canvases from Birds of a Feather, Unique NZ, Red Thread, And More, Rebecca Wood (love the angel playing a harp), Canvasworks, Kirk and Bradley, Fatell (new designer with fascinating work), Julia Snyder's Bargello book, Painted Pony angels, Labor of Love butterflies, new magnets from Mag Friends and the Downton Abby magnet from Rogue Needlepoint, Annie Lane, Waterweave, Kelly Clark, Cheryl Schaeffer bird cages and dimensional crow, Amanda Lawford, Kathy Schenkel panda mini sock, Maggie, and Ewe and Eye. WHEW!

Melissa Shirley Designs has posted a photo of their booth.

Garden Gate Needlepoint posted photos of some Zecca (?) bags on their FB page. Use the right arrow to see more. The top hats may be from Kelly Clark.

Laura Perin isn't at the trade show but her Sandra Gilmore models are. Laura has written stitch guides for four Sandra Gilmore canvases but she choose to highlight the latest--the pink Nutcracker--here.

Amy Bunger has started adding things to her Market page--Downton Abby magnet, Elizabeth Turner magnets, Painted Pony angels, Labors of Love butterflies, and Julia Snyder's iBargello book.

Park Avenue Needlepoint classes from Thursday and Friday, posted on Facebook.

I think Vicky DeAngelis taught Man in Uniform.

Needle in a Haystack is getting ready to take the Houses on the Beach class. This might be taught by Susan Porta. If I'm right, NIAH is lucky indeed!

Park Avenue Needlepoint has added Sample It! photos to their Facebook page. I see the models for Sew Much Fun's Carolers, Associated Talents' and A Collection of Designs' small ornaments and stand ups, classic Kate Dickerson purses, pillows and trays, Maggie's new gardener piece, and things I can't identify.

Hiliary Jean Designs has posted a photo of their trade show booth on Facebook.

Labors of Love has updated their website with their newest designs.

Nashville Needleworks is posting photos on their FB page. Most of the photos aren't labeled so I can't tell you the designers. Use the arrows to see more in each album.

Enriched Stitch has also updated their blog. There are photos of LOTS of magnets plus new Valentine hearts from Needle Deeva, Julia Snyder's new book iBargello, Zecca pin cushions, new Alice Petersen stitch and zip stockings (genius!), and Petei Santas and Painted Pony Angels. Everything else is a repeat from PFOS' posting.

Needlepoint Tool Time has updated their blog with new magnets, a license plate frame and a mug that they picked up at Sample It! and will put on their website shortly.

Pocket Full of Stitches has also posted photos on their blog. There's Julia Snyder's new book iBargello, new magnets from Accoutrement Designs, a Santa from Artists Collection from their new artist Bee's Knees, new Cheryl Schaeffer "window" designs, Raymond Crawford's pirate Santa, two new florals with matching frames from Robbyn's Nest plus a patchwork dog, Sew Much Fun's 3-D Caroler dolls, and new Needle Deeva Valentine sayings hearts.

Good news for those without Facebook accounts--Needle Works has posted photos from the Showcase and Sample It! on their blog. Not everything is labeled but here's my best guess --the two ladies with presents may be from Ruth Schmuff, the Manors are from Leigh Design (mine has the lion and Sharon Quick's model has the swan), the butterflies are from Labors of Love, the candy canes are from Danji's new designer whose name I can't remember (sorry!), and the stars are from Associated Talents and come with guides.

Any's Golden Strand has posted 16 photos to a new photo album at their FB site. Look for Needlepoint Showcase. There are butterfly models from Labors of Love, a wild and beautiful floral from A Collection of Designs (plus some cute little face squares of winter things like snowmen, penguins and Santa), two of Kelly Clark's sayings pillows, JP Needlepoint's cute wine opener tray and some of their magnificent brocades, several To the Manor Born pieces from Leigh Designs (my Blickling Hall and Sharon Quick's Angatestone Manor), cute picture frames from Waterweave, a gardening canvas by Maggie with a custom frame, Sundance's new smaller Sparkle, and Laura Taylor's Abundance piece (which you saw in closeup as Waste Knot took the photo and posted two links down), and the very cute woodland animals winter stockings by Renaissance Designs.

Two more Kelly Clark sayings canvases from FB.

Tasha of Needlepoint Tool Time just posted photos of Leigh Designs' new To the Manor Born series. You saw it here first! Use the right arrow to see a closeup. This is Blickling Hall, the ancestral home of Anne Boleyn. I know there are two other stitched models of the To The Manor Born pieces so stay tuned!

Waste Knot posted photos of the class model of the Laura Taylor class she took.

Ilene posted two photos of new Kelly Clark models. The snow pillow Ilene stitched. She says there are 8 other sayings designs.

The Hope pillow Kelly Clark stitched herself. Nimble Fingers did the magnificent finishing.

Park Avenue Needlepoint posted photos of their Sample It! purchases. I see magnets, a Kelly Clark nutcracker, the new Danji designer's candy cane figures, and a pirate by Raymond Crawford.

Louise's Needlework has posted photos of the new Kreinik metallics on their FB page. Apparently there are two new Easter Grass colors as well but they didn't make it into the picture.

Julia Snyder took a teaching piece to River Silks' booth to show off the ribbons, so River Silks posted a photo on Facebook. The class is called Floral Bouquet.

Kreinik Manufacturing Company has posted a few photos on their FB page, too. Hi, Doug!

River Silks has posted a photo of their booth ready for Sample It! on their FB page. Like them if you haven't already.

Nashville Needleworks is posting a photo of the Sample It! line on their FB page. They are first in line! (Nimble Needle-Atlanta is twelfth in line.) Like them if you haven't already.

The Nimble Needle-Atlanta is posting scenes from Market on their FB page. Like them if you haven't already.

Enriched Stitch is at the show, and they are ready for Sample It! Apparently they are planning to post on the shop's Facebook page most often so Like it if you haven't already.

Pocket Full of Stitches shows off new designs from Needle Deeva and Hilary Jean Designs.

Susan Roberts promises her website will be updated with all the new things as soon as the trade show is over.

Marianne has featured more new Patt and Lee/Pajamas and Chocolate canvases on her blog. She's also linked to the New page of their website where you can see everything, not just the items that caught Marianne's eye. There are colorful patchwork animals, horses in hats ornaments, the double-sided Witches Through Time series for those who collect stand ups, and one off pieces that are fabulous. (Love the lady with guitar!) By the way for those who don't know. Patt and Lee is Patt's glicee canvases (very high quality) and PJs and Chocolate is her hand painted line.

Gussie has posted about the Sandy Arthur class she took at Market.

Enriched Stitch has posted photos of many of the new Ewe and Eye canvases, including many samplers and floral pieces and some shop exclusives that have expired so that any shop can order it for you now.

Melissa Prince Designs has posted her bunny canvases for a Creative Stitches and Gifts club AND a new peace dove canvas on her Facebook page.

Needle Deeva has updated their website with the latest canvases. Bunnies, birds, hearts, and flowers!

Speaking of the Deeva, Kristine Kingston has posted new belt canvases on Facebook. Kristine is now part of Needle Deeva.

Accoutrement Designs shows off the Mag Friend magnet sets available from them at Sample It!, the special small sale at the beginning of TNNA.

Denise DeRusha just posted two new photos from their new National Parks (Yellowstone was posted--two baby bears in trees) and Seafood (pink lobster) series.

Hiliary Jean Designs just posted all their newest things for Market on their website. There are fun flowers, Christmas items and darling sayings.

Halloween/History Lovers alert! Marianne just posted photos of two of the new Witches Through Time series of double-sided witches from Patt and Lee on Facebook.

Needle Deeva just announced that Kristine Kingston of Baltimore Needleworks is joining the Needle Deeva's team. Watch for her wonderful belt canvases to show up on the Needle Deeva website.

StitchPlay's new book, "Painted Canvas Embellishment: An Idea Book," is now up on the joint website for Michael Boren and Carole Lake with a link to buy directly from the authors. This is to be distributed by Rainbow Gallery but they are sold out already and have ordered more copies. Ruth Kern Books also has copies (for now) and is selling them at a slight discount. (Second link)

Melissa Shirley has just posted a photo of her new Winter Table, which she has just finished designing and then stitching, on her FB page.

Kirk and Bradley's new English house canvases are on Facebook on their FB page.

Raymond Crawford Designs has updated his website to show off his new Pirates series. There are also a set of tropical fish and a new Retro Rocket Christmas ornament.

Vicky shows off the Sundance class that will be taught for shops at TNNA.

Rogue Needlepoint has posted three new characters from their Downton Abby series and a magnet of the Abby on Facebook. Looks like they have a canvas of Downton Abby itself, too. Sandy Arthur will do guides for the new items in 2014l as part of the club.

Melissa Prince Designs has posted a collage of new items on their Facebook page.

Patt and Lee's Pajamas and Chocolate has a new series of colorful patchwork wild animals! Called Colorful Wildlife, there are lots of fun animals, including this koala which comes with a stitch guide.

River Silks has posted a bit of their newest silk ribbon Kit to Go on their blog. The design is by Kay Fite.

JP Needlepoint has updated their website to show off all their new designs for TNNA. Some are on the home page but most are under New Stuff, click on the left side of the page.

Lani has posted a photo of one of her new models for the show--a corset from her lingerie series!

Vicky DeAngelis promises to use Twitter and tweet from the show floor using #TNNA from her @CatAngelis account.

Raymond Crawford just posted a photo of the class using one of his Tiki designs that Joan Lohr and Ruth Dilts are teaching. Amazing!

Vicky DeAngelis shows off the model she is stitching for Anne Lane for the January show. She's also doing a BB Designs, Debbie Mumm/Melissa Shirley and a piece from The Point of It All (second link).

Melissa Shirley Designs just posted a photo of the Cynthia Thomas class to be taught at San Diego using Melissa's Homespun Posy Heart.

Julia Snyder will have a new book out in January, one on Bargello patterns. You can see some of the stitches in this description of a class she's taught at Needle Bug recently.

Vicky shows off some Pepperberry models for the trade show, just in time for Christmas magic! If your shop is going to san Diego, they can see the finished ornaments in the Pepperberry booth.

Here are some of Barbara Bergsten's newest canvases, courtesy of Enriched Stitch.

Kirk and Bradley has added the new O'Lantern boys to their website. They also have a new set of Dickens' A Christmas Carol characters (second link).

Tapestry Fair has a new designer, Peggy O'Leary. Here's one of her designs, a charming cat.

UPDATE: Tapestry Fair has a matching magnet! How cute is that?!

Maggie Co. has posted a new dog and cat design from Ginny Diezel on their official Facebook page and says there will be many more at Market.

JP Needlepoint has posted photos of three of Juli's new Leaf Patchworks on their official Facebook page. Each one is a different fall leaf on a neutral brocade background.

Planet Earth Fiber has announced a new thread called Furr-Fuzz-Funn. It is a mix of baby goat mohair and silk and is playable, which makes it a very interesting addition to the fuzzy thread category.

Janet Burnett has posted the newest A Collection of Designs Christmas stocking on the ACOD Facebook page. The stocking has gold and silver bells among red and green glass ornaments with holly leaves and a red bow at the top. A classic!

Good news for fans of counted canvas work: DebBee's Designs has released "Lovey Dovey," the latest latest in their seasonal/holiday series.

AND Needle Delights has posted photos of their newest color ways for a cyber class piece for Shining Needle Society and another glimpse of Stained Glass Stars, which isn't quite finished.

Jean Smith Designs, famous for their florals and warm color schemes, has updated their website with the newest designs for TNNA in January. Have fun exploring the categories!

JP Needlepoint has added photos of two of their new stitch-painted Ornate Byzantine Crosses to their Facebook page. These will be out in January at the TNNA show.

Labors of Love Inc. has posted the stitched model of their Blue Butterfly on their Facebook page. This is part of a new series to come out in January.

Barbara Elmore of Sundance has posted a photo of the Gypsy Moth canvas that will come out in January on her Facebook page. There is a companion piece, also Halloween-themed, but it is not public yet.

Barbara Elmore just posted the companion piece, The Card Reader. Amazing hair!

Melissa Shirley Designs has posted six new Valentine canvases on her Facebook page. They will be available to see and order at the TNNA trade show next month. There is also a new Valentine basket (second link).

Accoutrement Designs has announced Twelve Days of a Merry Magnetic Christmas. They are going to show off one new magnet design for the next twelve days. These are not available until after the January TNNA show but you can ask your local shop to pre-order one for you. I'll keep adding links until I have the full 12 new designs here. I've highlighted this posting so you can find it easily to check on the newest magnets, by the way. Enjoy!

Lori Carter has posted photos of the three Henry VIII Queens (Anne of Cleaves, Anne Boleyn and Catherine of Aragon) she is stitched for Rogue Needlepoint on Facebook. Here's the first. Use the arrow keys to see the other two. The canvases and guides are available from Amy Bunger's shop, Amy's Golden Strand.

Maggie Co. has posted the newest design from Jennifer Brinley (a red fox sitting under trees among giant snowflakes, sporting a knitted scarf) on their Facebook page.

Kelly Clark's model stitcher just showed a hint of one of Kelly's new designs for Market in January on Facebook.

Ruth Schmuff has been busy! Besides new counted and painted designs from Kimberly, she is adding Stacy Connor's Long Ladies to her stable of canvases.

Ruth Schmuff just announced a new counted canvas design from Kimberly called "Texture and Shine." The design is small and meant to be used with Vineyard Silk and Vineyard Merino Wool in the same color, so Ruth is kitting it up with a contrasting color of 8x8 18 count canvas and two threads in your favorite color. This and the chart cost only $20. What a deal and just in time for Christmas!

JP Needlepoint just posted new pastel flower designs on geometric backgrounds from Devon Nicholson on their Facebook page. These will be out in January 2014.

Devon also posted two new sports-themed rabbits from her JP Needlepoint "Snow Bunnies" line on Facebook.

LizArt's latest Bargello piece, Nature-Earth is finished! Liz Morrow will be working on the directions next so you'll be able to buy the chart and have your very own to stitch in 2014.

NeedleDeeva Hand Painted Canvases just posted her newest canvas (to be released in January 2014) on her Facebook page. Meet Charlie the dog!

Chris also posted a new NeedleDeeva pot of flowers on Facebook. It's a beauty!

Ewe and Eye and Friends has posted photos of new designs to come out in January 2014 on their Facebook page. There are two folk art style birdhouses with stylized birds, a Maine seacoast house scene and a basket full of gingerbread men and candy canes. I think anyone, Facebook account or not, can see this photo album.

JP Needlepoint has posted three photos from their newest series "Animals" on their Facebook page. The three are all portraits of the head of a zebra, a lion and a leopard. Lovely!

JP Needlepoint has also posted photos of four new Brick Box purse canvases to add to that popular series.

Maggie Co. has posted a photo of one of a new series of bird designs from Jennifer Brinley on their Facebook page.

Laura Perin talks about her counted canvas work club for Nordic Needle.

AND Laura released a new Christmas design!

Barbara Elmore has posted her 2015 Callaway class model on Facebook. The design is of a pond with a lotus in bloom, a snail walking along the bottom, a goldfish swimming along and a dragonfly soaring above. It's going to be a great deal of fun to work!

Terry Dryden has twenty-four Mediterranean Square kits for sale on her site. You can buy the marked canvas and instructions book only or you can also buy the threads she used. Terry always includes interesting and different threads in her classes, so if you are a threadaholic, get the thread kit.

Julia Snyder will have a new book out in January, one on Bargello patterns. You can see some of the stitches in this description of a class she's taught at Needle Bug recently.

Julie Mar and Friends plans to introduce new designs from Sally Corey at the January Market. Check out the Pucci-inspired piece here and more starting here.

JP Needlepoint has posted photos of three new brocade ribbon pillow designs on their official Facebook page. Each comes with a length of French brocade ribbon to add to the finishing.

Melissa Shirley Designs has posted a new Christmas basket piece. It features a cardinal, a squirrel, and pine cones, holly, mistletoe, acorns and gerber daisy type flowers. Apparently it is called the Wildwood Christmas basket.

Maggie Co. has posted the latest Frank Bielec canvas which is called "A Fool and His Money Are Soon Elected" on their Facebook page. This will be available in January.

Orna Willis is coming up with new color combinations for her Color Conversations Cuff sets using Planet Earth silks. Try not to drool on the keyboard at the colors, all available directly from Orna via her Etsy store.

Enriched Stitch has new scissor fobs in the shop if you need a way to personalize (or find) your scissors.

Thread Medley specializes in charted designs for ethnic rugs on needlepoint canvas. Jan's latest piece "Moroc" is done and is now being charted for sale on her website later. If you have a weakness for Moroccan rugs, or are just curious about them, check out this beauty!

Barbara Elmore of Sundance Designs has announced Sundance will have a Mini Sparkles (that stretchy tube stuff) available in January 2014 as well as a new ribbon with sparkles on it that won't come off.

Ruth Schmuff has just announced the Enablers Anonymous nightshirt is now available.

LizArt has finished her latest modern Bargello piece in her Nature series. This is Nature-Earth. Nature-Sea is finished already (second link below).

There are new Mag Friend magnets for the sports fan: basketball, football or skiing!

Orna Willis is introducing a new kit, taken from a project in her out of print book. You can order just the chart or you can order the entire packet which includes the finishing backing as well.

Accoutrement Designs has announced more new exclusive magenta for various shops and companies.

Squiggee/CBK Needlepoint has posted new crests for various professions and hobbies (homemaker, equestrian, chef, gardener) on the Squiggee home page.

Laura Perin has a new autumn-themed design created with November and quilt patterns in mind. It's called "Indian Winter" and it is lovely.

Melissa Shirley Designs just showed off a new design of a small gray Cardinal bird and flowers (mostly white with a yellow Christmas cactus in bloom) in a vase on a table with a pine cone on their official FB page. Melissa herself is stitching it for the January trade show. The second link shows the paper whites (beads over felt padding) and the cardinal. Use the arrows to see more.

Vicky shows off the latest Needle Buddies magnets from the Elizabeth Turner Collection.

Ruth Schmuff has added a new artist to her collection--FabFunky is the design line name. It's pretty descriptive since there is a lot of whimsey and also icons of the 1960s-70s involved, from James Bond to sock monkeys. It's a fun visit but don't forget to click on the link to Ruth's website to see everything. The hounds are especially hilarious!

SJ Designs' first book in the Private Collection series is out! This is great news for lovers of pre-WWII charted designs as A Stitcher's Sketchbook reproduces birds, butterflies and florals in a sampler style for your stitching pleasure. You can see some of the charts here.

Counted thread fans and lovers of geometric patterns will enjoy watching Terry Dryden create a new series of small patterns for her classes. These will be inspired by North American Indian designs.

Joan Lohr (and Ruth Dilts I think) are teaching one of Whimsey and Grace's elegant stars at the TNNA show. This image of the model was posted on Facebook by Joan.

Sew Much Fun has two new 3-D Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls.

Trish Burr has announced two new kits. She specializes in needle painting so these little designs are perfect for the stitcher who wants to add more realism into their needlepoint canvases.

Need a needlepointed dog collar? Needle Paint has some darling new designs for the pooch.

Mindy has four new small seasonal pieces called Whimsey Spring, Whimsey Summer, etc. They are delightful!

Sandy Arthur has posted about all the TNNA classes she is going to teach. Fun!

Kimberly is posting glimpses of her latest design on her blog. Can't wait to see the whole thing!

Kurdy Biggs has a new design out called Triple Crowns. Apparently her 2013 Christmas ornament design is also out (second link).

Facebook: JP Needlepoint has posted a photo of Henry Hooter, Juli's newest owl canvas. He's Henry VIII in bird form, portly and very well dressed. If you love owls and history, he's a must buy.

River Silks has new colors of silk ribbon in the lime range, both solids and variegated. You can see them here.

DMC's fifteen new colors of cotton floss are available on downloadable color cards.

Kirk and Bradley has announced a new addition to the Poison Bottle series--Rat Tails! It's cute in a horrible kind of way....

Nordic Needle is starting to publish new counted canvaswork charts from Lorene Salt Needlearts. Click on any photo and you'll see details and a materials list.

Raymond Crawford is doing a new Pirates series. Nothing is up on his website yet but he does have this nifty video introducing the series. Many thanks to Louise's Needlework for posting this on their Facebook page!

Accoutrement Designs has added new Mag Friend magnets to their line. There's Uncle Sam who looks like a nutcracker (or maybe he's grinding his teeth over the federal government's shcnanigans!), three different colors of Christmas light bulbs, and a gorgeous fat pumpkin for the fall harvest. Many thanks to Enriched Stitch for sharing photographs! (The second link has a firecracker magnet that is new.)

Needle Deeva has added new small hearts with a fall theme to their line. There's a new cauldron design, too (not pictured) of a black and white sugar skull.

Kimberly Designs has a new Mother's Rocker biscornu and a new dragonfly design in the works!

Facebook: Joan Lohr has posted a photo of an elegant Whimsey and Grace star that will be a morning class at TNNA.

Facebook: Cynthia Thomas has shared photographs of a new series of Princess and Me Halloween designs she's done guides for. These will premier at the January trade show. Click on the right area to see a second canvas, then visit the second link to see the Halloween house with it's opening door.

Facebook: SJ Designs' new book of Berlin woolwork charts is at the printer's for final proofing.

Kelly Clark is branching out from needlepoint into other items such as fabrics, mouse pads, coffee cups, etc. Here is her non-needlepoint page. Not to worry, she is still going to design canvases, but she is interested in all sorts of things now.

Facebook: Amy Bunger has posted photos on her FB page of new a new clip on butterfly series from Labors of Love. Look for October 7 pictures.

Janet Perry summarizes the short articles and ads from Needlework Retailer's magazine, available only to the trade. You can use the search function for the online version of the magazine to see the photos from the advertising by just plugging in the designer name.

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